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China. The elephant fell into a mud trap. The help of other animals was not enough, an excavator was needed

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In the Chinese province of Yunnan, a 2.5-ton elephant got stuck in a mud pit. Other elephants tried to help him out of the trap, but without success. People joined the action. The local police called in specialized services, it was necessary to use an excavator. The exhausted animal was saved.

A 2.5-ton adult Indian elephant got stuck in a muddy pond in the Chinese jungle and couldn’t get out on its own. The incident happened on Monday near the city of Mengmanxiang in Yunnan province.

Elephants tried to help “friend”

A group of elephants from a local reserve “played” in the mud. At one point, one of the animals slid down into a pit filled with clay. His companions tried to get him out using their trumpets, but to no avail. Fortunately, people found out about the situation.

Police officers from the local police station notified the authorities, specialized services with drones and an excavator were brought in. Using it, the edge of the pond was dug up, creating a passage through which the animal could get out of the mud trap.

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Over 300 elephants in China

Indian or Asian elephants (Elephas maximus), living wild in the rainforests of Asia, are protected in China. Currently, their population in this country is counted at about 300 individuals. Most of them live in Yunnan Province.

Main photo source: Reuters

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