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China. The former farmer kept seven calves on a fifth-story balcony

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Residents of a housing estate in China’s Sichuan province complained of a “moo and unpleasant smell” coming from one of the apartments. A recording published online shows that seven calves were kept on a balcony on the fifth floor of an apartment block. Neighbors notified authorities, who removed the animals from the building, reports the South China Morning Post.

Seven young domestic cattle were spotted on the balcony of a fifth-floor apartment in an apartment building in China’s Sichuan province. A video of the calves eating a meal in a cramped area was posted on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, where it was viewed by more than four million people, the South China Morning Post reported on Wednesday. The daily writes that the calves belonged to a “former farmer” and that the area is inhabited by people who previously lived in the countryside.

A resident of the housing estate where the cattle appeared said the animals had only been on the property for a day, and neighbors annoyed by the mooing and foul smell had already alerted authorities. Local officials ordered the removal of the calves from the apartment, which took place on July 14, the “SCMP” pointed out, citing the Chinese magazine “Phoenix Weekly”. An official told local media that the calves weighed between 10 and 20 kilograms. This is less than the average weight of such animals at birth.

“Poor Calves”

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The video of the calves on the balcony of an apartment block provoked a wave of comments on the Internet. There was no shortage of sympathy: “Poor calves, crammed on such a small balcony.” There were also comments from people who joked about the situation. “This at least proves that the building is of good quality,” wrote one Internet user.

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