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China. They did not want to shop and were trapped in the store for several hours

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A group of tourists in southwestern China were locked inside a bedding shop for several hours after they refused to make purchases, local media reported. And they point out that this is a common phenomenon. Cheap travel agencies are supposed to earn money from commissions transferred to them by stores to which entire tour groups are led.

As reported by the South China Morning Post on Friday, a group of 37 tourists from Liaoning Province in northeastern China were trapped in one of the mattress and bedding stores in Yunnan Province in the southwestern part of the country after they refused to buy the products offered. them products.

“We arrived here at noon and we are still here,” says one of the prisoners in a video posted on social media. He adds that the group “wasn't allowed to leave the store.” “SCMP” emphasizes that it is not clear how long the tourists stayed in the store, but according to media reports, “several hours” passed before they were released.

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Local services reported on their WeChat account that the store owner received an order to suspend his business activities, and the guide from the travel agency with whom the trapped tourists traveled and who took them to the store was fined PLN 10,000. yuan (equivalent to approximately PLN 5.6 thousand – editor).

Forcing shopping “on a daily basis”

“Incidents involving tourists traveling to Yunnan and being forced by guides to make purchases in certain stores are common,” explains the website of the Hong Kong newspaper, recalling that in February this year “a guide told a family of five to leave a tour bus after they refused purchase of a gold bracelet for 50,000 yuan (approx. PLN 28,000 – ed.)”. Cheap travel agencies are supposed to earn money from commissions transferred to them by stores to which tourists are directed.

In 2013, the BBC reported on the introduction of new regulations in China banning the so-called forced purchases during trips with cheap travel agencies. Two years later, the Los Angeles Times indicated that the phenomenon had not disappeared, writing about an incident that took place in Hong Kong. A 54-year-old construction worker was beaten and died after he tried to break up a fight between a guide and a tourist who did not want to buy anything in a jewelry store. “The case sparked outrage across the country, fueling demands for tighter existing regulations,” the LA Times reported in 2015.

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