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China. They have finished their studies, they do not see prospects ahead of them. They publish eloquent photos

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Chinese university graduates post pictures online as they graduate. However, many of them decided to show the true face of the situation they will have to face – describes CNN. It is about pessimistic prospects for finding a job and record high unemployment among young people.

In recent weeks, Chinese social media has been flooded with photos of university graduates, taken in connection with the end of the academic year. As CNN notes, young Chinese coming of age in many cases have not opted for typical portraits. They decided to reflect the reality they would soon face. It is about the exceptionally high youth unemployment that prevails in their country.

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Chinese universities leave 11.6 million graduates

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In one such photo posted on social media, a young woman, wearing a distinctive outfit worn during the end of the academic year ceremony, lies face down. In other photos, the young woman is hunched over in a chair, leaning against a wall or slumping over a stair railing. In still other photos, another graduate is lying on the ground and pretending to throw her master’s thesis in the trash. The photos are often captioned with the words “more dead than alive” – ​​describes CNN.

The portal notes that a record 11.6 million graduates will leave Chinese universities this summer, who should enter the labor market. Meanwhile, unemployment among young people in cities is also record-breaking and amounted to 20.8 percent in May. The portal emphasizes that the arrival of more job seekers will further increase competition on the market. This is largely due to the weakening of the economy after many months of a “zero Covid” policy (abolished in December 2022) and the fact that the sectors most willingly chosen by university graduates – technology and education – suffered the most.

This picture can be depressing for students who have been forced to function in an extremely competitive educational system for many years, which may ultimately mean little for their future, and who already feel discouraged by the situation that is yet to come.

China. End of the academic year in Beijing, June 26WU HAO/EPA/PAP

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Over the past decade, a record number of Chinese have graduated from higher education. This translates into a gap between their expectations of the labor market and the opportunities available, points out CNN. Many fear that their diplomas and degrees are becoming less and less valuable to employers, which is why some choose to continue their education. In the last 10 years, more than 600,000 people have obtained a PhD degree. people, according to data from the Chinese Ministry of Education. However, this still does not guarantee a job.

One such person is Li Nian, who received her PhD in Nanjing City last week. Although she has already sent “countless CVs”, no employer has contacted her. She is also one of the authors of the “more dead than alive” photo. “I thought I’d remember these graduation photos for the rest of my life,” she told CNN.

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China. Demographic and economic problems

CNN notes, citing a recent report by Goldman Sachs, that China is not the only country with high youth unemployment, because in some European countries the situation is also not so good – in Spain Italy’s unemployment rate exceeded 20%.

However, in the face of the Chinese demographic structure in this country, problems with finding work among young people may be particularly severe for the country’s economy. As a rule, young people spend a lot of money on renting apartments, transport, communication or cultural events. The lack of work translates into lower expenses and a weaker economic condition on a national scale. And with an aging population of 1.4 billion, the economy desperately needs the contribution of young workers to meet the health and social needs of older people.

The influx of new graduates into the workforce means the unemployment rate could rise by a few percentage points by the end of the summer and then start to fall towards the end of the quarter. However, it is likely that the country will face high youth unemployment in the coming years, it was noted.

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Main photo source: WU HAO/EPA/PAP

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