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China. They look like clouds, although they are rocks. In one of the caves, unusual formations were discovered

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An international team of researchers has discovered that there are rocks of unusual shapes in the Xiniuyan Cave in China. The cloud-like formation is only the second one found in this country.

According to information provided by the Karst Geology Institute of the Chinese Geological Survey, an international team of researchers has discovered a very rare rock formation known as the “cave cloud”.

The second one in the country

The rocks are located in the Xiniuyan Cave, near the city of Laibin. The formation covers an area of ​​300 square meters and is located in seven pools, resembling pumpkins or loaves of bread. The cave itself is over 2,700 meters long and has a gentle terrain.

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The cave with cloud-shaped rocks is only the second such object on the map of China. Zhang Yuanhai, a senior engineer at the Institute, said that the conditions for such formations to form are extremely difficult. The expert noted that the rock surrounding the cave is mainly dolomite, and such are not common.

How dolomites form into cave clouds is still a scientific mystery. We are waiting for further research to solve it, said Zhang.

A fascinating region

The region in which the cave is located is rich in karst caves, forests, wetlands, rivers and lakes.

The cave itself was discovered in the 1990s, but only recent research has revealed how extraordinary it is.

Main photo source: Reuters

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