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China. Women brutally beaten by men in a restaurant. Shocking recording

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Nine people have been arrested in China after a brutal attack in a restaurant in the eastern city of Tangshan. The incident began when a man touched one of his clients. She – clearly not wanting it – pushed him away. He then punched her in the face. A friend of hers came to help and after a while the whole group of attackers was beating young women. Then one of them ended up on the street and was tortured there. The video, which spread rapidly on social media, sparked widespread outrage and relaunched the debate over violence against women in China.

The incident occurred on Friday at around 2:40 AM in one of the 24-hour restaurants in Tangshan, Hebei Province, about 145 kilometers from Beijing.

The surveillance video shows a man walking to a table where a group of women is sitting and touching one of them, placing his hand on his back. When the woman pushes the man away, he hits her in the face with his fist. There is a violent struggle. The friends of the attacked client try to help her, one of them hits the attacker in the head with a bottle, but he is not impressed. Then he pounces on her. At the same time, other men run into the bar and a joint attack, lasting two minutes, begins.

A young woman who defended her friend by hitting her attacker with a bottle after being shielded by another woman avoids further attack, although she is hit a few more times before that, and one of the men throws a chair at her. At the same time, the first attacker returns to the first victim, starts beating her again, and then – when she falls – the others grab her by the hair and – beating – drag her out into the street.

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In the video in front of the premises, which we do not show due to its severity, one can clearly see more men slapping a young woman in the face. Completely defenseless, she falls several times. Pushed, also bangs her head on the stairs. The attackers kick her all over the body – including the head.

There are screams from other women in the restaurant. Some try to intervene. One man from the group tries to distract the attackers from their victim. He himself does not get into a fight with them, and they try to avoid him and keep attacking him.

The recording ends when the men start to diverge, and the girl lying on the ground somehow gets up and starts to run the other way.

Another short video on the Chinese internet shows her on a stretcher in the hospital where she was transported. He has makeshift dressings on his head, face and hands. You can see the blood.

According to the media, a total of three seriously injured women were hospitalized after the attack. Their condition is to be stable. Two others were less injured, writes the BBC.

Tangshan Police said they arrested nine people Saturday afternoon on charges of violent assault. An investigation is ongoing.

“It could happen to me, any of us” “

Shocking recordings quickly circulated the Internet, causing shock and outrage. Friday’s event dominated the debate on Chinese social media.

“It can happen to me, to any of us” – wrote one of the Internet users. Just this single entry cited by the BBC was “liked” over 100,000 times.

“How is it possible that such things are still happening in 2022,” another user wrote. “Please, put them in prison, don’t let them get away with it” – added in the post.

“It happened in a society where violence against women is rampant. Ignoring and downplaying the perspective of women is questioning the violence they experience,” wrote an anonymous entry.

Chinese state television journalists called for the punishment of the perpetrators.

Violence against women in China

The brutal attack on Friday night has renewed the discussion on violence against women in the world’s most populous country. This is another high-profile case of such an attack in recent times. In a statement released on Saturday, the All-China Women’s Federation said “there must be no tolerance for such atrocious violations of women’s rights.”

The acts of violence against women in China often occurs behind closed doors. According to an OFK study from 2013, domestic violence affects roughly a quarter of China’s 270 million families. In 2018, the media reported that on average a woman in the country is beaten every 7.4 seconds, and only after an average of 35 acts of violence, women report it to the police.

China did not introduce penalties for domestic violence until March 2016. Before 2001, physical violence was not even a sufficient basis for divorce.

Although sexual violence is taken more seriously in China today than it used to be, comments in Chinese social media regarding Friday’s incident are pessimistic. Many believe that the case will end with a lenient sentence and a small fine.

As the BBC notes, in recent years, women in China have rarely succeeded in bringing the perpetrators of sexual assault and harassment to justice. Few cases have been settled in favor of the victims. The station notes that many months of lockdowns were introduced in connection with the pandemic COVID-19 only exacerbated the problem of violence against women in the country.

Main photo source: Reuters TV

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