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China’s “space activities” have caused concern. It was about a weather satellite

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Chinese authorities planned to close airspace north of Taiwan at the end of the week, Reuters reported, citing unofficial reports. According to Taiwanese sources, the reason for the closure was the launch of a weather satellite on Sunday. Signals about Beijing’s intentions have raised concerns in the region. A spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry commented on the matter on Friday.

Taiwan’s transportation ministry has reported in recent days that Chinese authorities have notified plans to establish a no-fly zone from April 16 to 18. Later, information appeared that the period of closing the space will be only 27 minutes.

Taiwan’s Central News Agency, citing a security source, told Reuters on Thursday that China planned to launch a weather satellite from northwestern Gansu province on Sunday. This was supposed to be the reason for declaring a no-fly zone, because the remains of the carrier system were supposed to threaten safety.

Taiwanese authorities issued a notice to pilots using the phrase “airspace blocked due to spaceflight activity,” Reuters reported.

China about its plans

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Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin denied the reports on Friday.

– I noticed that there have been reports indicating that a no-fly zone has been established by the Chinese side, which is inaccurate. The relevant authorities will implement measures to ensure flight safety, Wang said. He added that China’s civil aviation authority will provide advance notice of any space activities.

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The day before, China’s Maritime Safety Agency said that missile fragments could fall into the East China Sea between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. local time on April 16. Shipping vessels are prohibited from entering this area.

Friction China – Taiwan

Reports about Beijing’s plans have caused concern in the region due to the continuing tensions in relations between the PRC and Taiwan. The Chinese military has been conducting exercises near the island in recent days in retaliation for a meeting between Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen and the Speaker of the US House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy in California.

The communist authorities in Beijing consider Taiwan to be part of the PRC and seek to take control of it, not excluding the possibility of using force. The government of Taiwan promises to defend democracy and freedom

Main photo source: Xinhua/Zuma Press/Forum

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