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Chinese authorities want children’s smartphones to turn off on their own after the 22nd birthday. This is the so-called baby mode

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More countries are introducing restrictions on the use of smartphones. In France, children must turn off devices during lessons. China goes a step further and has prepared a special law. According to her, children should spend no more than two hours a day with a smartphone, and the screen light will turn off after 10 p.m.

China wants “baby mode” in phones. The proposed law would require tech giants to limit children’s screen time and disable apps. – It would be great if it were true. There would be fewer fights between us. Often you simply can’t take the phone out of his hands – says one of the mothers.

In “child mode”, anyone under 18 will be able to use the phone for a maximum of 2 hours a day, and the device will be locked at night. But Beijing’s top-down approach has its critics. “I am concerned that China, under its current leadership, is imposing a very strict cultural moralism on its citizens, which will not necessarily be helpful for their personal development or the future of the Chinese economy,” says Andrew Collier of Orient Capital Research.

As part of wider measures, children are now banned from playing games on weekdays. Social media apps have time limits, and some parents send their children to special camps to combat their internet addiction.

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“The phone takes time away from play”

Mengtai Zhang, who was sent to one of these camps at the age of 16, says Beijing’s latest rules won’t work. – Without structural changes, limiting children’s time spent playing video games will do nothing to address addiction. If they find a way to create a space for children where they can spend time together and parents can take a break from work, the situation will be much better, Zhang believes.

Children find ways to get around the rules in Beijing. – Some children log in using their parents’ ID. These children never put the phone down, they will look at it until the battery runs out, says the 10-year-old.

The new guidelines require Internet service providers to emphasize socialist and patriotic content and promote family values. One mother says she hopes that the new rules will also mean more outdoor play. – The phone takes time away from playing, exercising and reading. It takes time away from doing more interesting things, the woman emphasizes. But her son says parents should also set an example. – It’s not easy for us to control it, but neither is it for adults – he points out.

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