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Chinese fire brigade: electric bicycles and scooters cause over 10,000 fires

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Electric bicycles and scooters have been the cause of more than 10,000 fires in China this year, said the Chinese fire and rescue service. Due to the growing threat, restrictions are being introduced in many parts of the country, where 400 million such vehicles are on the road.

– There have been 10,051 bicycle and electric scooter fires this year, resulting in the loss of 35 people, said Liu Guiyang, spokeswoman for the National Fire Protection and Rescue Administration.

Currently, as indicated by the services, almost every fourth resident of the country has such a vehicle, and every year more and more of them are put on the roads, which translates into a rapid, almost 20% year-on-year increase in the number of incidents. Throughout 2022, there were approximately 18,000 of them, and a year later, 20,000.

The main cause, up to 70 percent cases, there is a battery failure – state television CCTV reported in April.

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China introduces restrictions on batteries

Therefore, according to local media, nationwide mandatory safety standards for lithium-ion batteries are to be announced later this year.

From June 1, amended regulations will come into force in Shanghai, prohibiting bringing electric two-wheelers and their batteries into buildings and transporting them in elevators.

Previously, estate administrations in many cities have installed intelligent camera systems that stop the movement of elevators when such vehicles are detected.

Failure to comply with the regulations in Shanghai will result in fines ranging from 200 to 500 yuan (from approximately PLN 110 to approximately PLN 270). Higher penalties, up to PLN 10,000. yuan (PLN 5.4 thousand) was announced in March by the police in Henan province for parking or charging vehicles in places not designated for this purpose.

Local authorities in other parts of the country are introducing similar policies and encouraging citizens to report violations, offering cash rewards for reporting. For example, in the capital Beijing or in Shenzhen, in the south of the country, you can receive from 100 to 500 yuan for such a report – the Global Times tabloid reported in March.

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