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Chinese land purchases are prohibited. US discussions. Beijing is responding

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Following the incident involving the violation of US airspace by a Chinese balloon, proposals were made in some states to prohibit Chinese citizens from acquiring land and real estate. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning said on Friday that this would violate “the principles of the market economy and the rule of international trade.”

“The generalization of the concept of national security and the politicization of economic, trade and investment issues violate the rules of the market economy and international trade,” Mao said at a routine briefing in Beijing.

This statement was made in response to a question about proposals to ban the sale of real estate to a citizen China, which are currently being considered by Texas and Florida authorities. There have also been media reports of discussions on this topic also in South Dakota and Arkansas.

Tensions between the US and China

The debate on restricting Chinese access to land and real estate in USA they are heating up friction in bilateral relations between the two countries. One of the significant factors recently was the detection over the US and the shooting down of a Chinese balloon by the military. The Americans claim that it was part of a broad spying campaign by Beijing.

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China’s communist authorities claim that it was a civil aircraft used for meteorological research that accidentally veered off course due to “force majeure”. – I want to emphasize that economic cooperation between China and the US is by its nature mutually beneficial. Over the years, Chinese companies have invested in the United States and made important contributions to employment and economic development in the country, Mao said.

Republicans want to ban sales in Texas

In Texas, a bill was introduced to the state senate in November 2022 to prohibit the purchase of real estate by Chinese citizens, as well as Russia and North Korea. “National security and the growing number of properties being acquired by certain hostile foreign entities are of concern to many Texans,” said Republican Senator Lois Kolkhorst. Texas Governor Greg Abbott, also a Republican and a supporter of restrictive immigration policies, said he would sign the bill if it passed the state senate. According to official data quoted by the AFP agency, 1.4 million out of 28.8 million inhabitants of Texas identify themselves as ethnic Asians, of which 223.5 thous. – as people of Chinese descent. They include both US citizens with Chinese roots and Chinese with a green card but not US citizenship. The draft ban was criticized by a member of the state house of representatives Gene Wu from the Democratic Party. – Our country is going through these waves of searching for immigrant groups (…) to demonize them, he assessed, emphasizing that “there is a difference between people with Chinese roots and the Chinese government.” Kolkhorst said she was inspired to contribute the project purchase history of over 52,000 acres of land in Texas by a company owned by retired Chinese army officer Sun Guangxin, associated with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The land lies near the US Air Force Base Laughlin. Sun claimed he wanted to build a solar power plant there, but Texas authorities blocked the project in 2021. The state also passed legislation banning Chinese government-related projects from connecting to the power grid due to national security concerns.

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