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Chinese success and US concern. “We are taking part in a new space race”

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This is China's historical and space success. Their probe landed on the dark side of the Moon. This is an unprecedented achievement and only adds credibility to Beijing, which announces that it will become a space giant within 20 years. The United States is most concerned about China's actions.

The rest of the world can only dream of such a maneuver – the Chang'e 6 probe landed without any problems inside the Apollo crater at the Moon's south pole, on the far side of this celestial body. Apart from Beijing, no one else has done this before.

– It may sound funny, but the main goal of this lunar expedition is to return to Earth. But back to Earth with samples of lunar matter – says Dr. Krzysztof Kanawka, president of Blue Dot Solutions.

In total, the probe will collect about two kilograms of samples – both from and below the surface of the Silver Globe.

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– For the first time in human history, samples will be taken from the invisible part of the Moon. If we succeed, it will be a significant technological achievement, says Ye Peijian, a scientist at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

For China, the mission has more than just a scientific dimension

Moon rocks enclosed in the capsule will be compared on Earth with those on the visible side. This will allow scientists to better understand our natural satellite.

– China has chosen an interesting region. It may probably have material from the interior of the Moon, specifically from the lunar mantle, which may be cool from a scientific point of view – says Przemysław Kanawka.

For China, the mission has not only a scientific dimension, but also a propaganda one. They are the first to explore this part of the Moon, using instruments from Europe. In addition, they sent a mysterious rover there.

– This rover is very small indeed. It's probably a dozen or so centimeters in size and has no more than one scientific instrument, which is probably an infrared detector. Therefore, it is more of a form of demonstration that China is able to build and use small rovers on the Moon – says Przemysław Kanawka.

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China's Chang'e-6 space probe has landed on the dark side of the Moon Reuters

China's ambitious plans

For over a decade, the Middle Kingdom has been developing its lunar program. In 2013, they became the third country to land there, six years later they were the first to send a rover to the far side, and in 2020, they collected samples from the visible side and returned them to Earth. The plans are more ambitious, which raises concerns, among others, in the United States.

– We believe that many of their so-called scientific space programs are actually military endeavors. In my opinion, we are participating in a new space race – comments Bill Nelson, NASA administrator.

The Chang'e program is to culminate in a manned mission and then the construction of a research station.

In turn, the American return to the Moon is expected to take place in two years, or maybe even later. – If the Chinese get there first, they may say: this is our territory, stay away – warns Bill Nelson.

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China does not stop at the Silver Globe. Their space station is already orbiting the Earth, and their plans include collecting samples from Mars, sending a probe to Jupiter and building a nuclear-powered shuttle. The Middle Kingdom announces that in 2045 it will become the leading space power.

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