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Chips withdrawn from sale. GIS Warning

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The Chief Sanitary Inspectorate has issued a warning regarding the withdrawal from the market of six flavors of Long Chips branded chips. The reason is incorrect labeling or its absence in the presence of allergenic components.

The producer of the chips is the Latvian company Pernes L, and the distributor is Merkury from Białystok. GIS announced on Friday that “as a result of activities carried out by the State Sanitary Inspection and as a result of activities carried out by Mercury as part of internal control, errors were found in the declaration of the following allergens: gluten, milk, mustard”.

“Allergenic substances are listed in the list of ingredients in the product, but are not specifically highlighted or the wrong name of the allergenic substance has been given” – explained.

Chips withdrawn from the market

At the distributor’s decision, all batch numbers with all dates of minimum durability of the following items are subject to recall:

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– Long Chips – potato puree chips with basil,

– Long Chips – potato puree chips with a cheese and green onion flavor,

– Long Chips – potato puree chips with paprika and marjoram,

– Long Chips – crisps made of mashed potatoes with a spinach flavor,

– Long Chips – wasabi-flavored mashed potato chips,

– Long Chips – BBQ mashed potato chips.

GIS: chips withdrawn from the marketTVN24

State Sanitary Inspection authorities monitor the recall process carried out by the distributor.

GIS: allergic people should not eat the products

The representatives of the Inspectorate pointed out that “gluten, milk and mustard are allergenic substances, consumption of the product by people allergic to the above-mentioned allergens may cause allergic reactions”. Therefore – as they emphasized – “people allergic to gluten, milk and mustard, as well as people intolerant to the indicated allergens should not consume the products indicated in the announcement”.


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