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Chodzież. Former priest Krzysztof G. sentenced to 8 years in prison

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This story includes a victim who was harmed for life, a sex offender in a cassock and a curia who did not want to cooperate with the prosecutor’s office and obstructed the investigation. In the case of the former priest Krzysztof G., a verdict was finally passed – eight years in prison.

Szymon Bączkowski was 14 years old when hell began. In his youth, the man was abused by a priest hundreds of times. Now Mr. Szymon’s torturer was sentenced to eight years in prison. – With this verdict, I think I will simply give strength to other victims in Poland not to be afraid – says Szymon Bączkowski, a victim of priest Krzysztof G.

When the trial began, the perpetrator and the victim stood face to face. The 57-year-old was no longer a priest. Krzysztof G. was considered a sexual predator. – The perpetrator, i.e. the priest, has all the tools to weave this web – argues Artur Nowak, Mr. Szymon’s lawyer. – We will definitely appeal. The verdict is not favorable – says Filip Kownacki, defense attorney of Krzysztof G.

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Before the church commission, Krzysztof G. admitted to molestation. In his defense, the boy provoked him because he “dressed provocatively.” The Poznań curia, having evidence against the pedophile priest, did not want to share it with the prosecutor’s office due to “professional secrecy”. This was the argument of Archbishop Stanisław Gądecki.

After the case came to the attention of the Vatican, the Church handed over some of the documents. When Krzysztof G. stopped being a priest, he found a job in the church archives. – It’s some science fiction what the Poznań curia is doing – commented Mr. Szymon.

The priest allegedly molested an altar boyMałgorzata Mielcarek | Facts in the South

Years of hell

The harassment began in 2001 with touching. Teenage Szymon complained to his parents. – He (the priest – editor’s note) came to my house with great apologies – the man recalled. The parents believed that it would not happen again. The priest also gave them PLN 500 for a new wall unit. But the nightmare continued. – Financial help in the sense of buying clothes for the junior high school exam. Then alcohol also started, and with alcohol there were rapes and I was unable to defend myself – said Mr. Szymon.

The relationship with the priest was interrupted by a road accident. Mr. Szymon caused it by running away from the rectory. He drowned his pain in alcohol. The former priest must now pay him PLN 150,000 in restitution. The prosecutor demanded 13 years in prison for the accused.

Mr. Szymon was abused for 13 years. Also as an adult.

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