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Chojnice. He ran with the knives to the neighbor. He has been stopped. Recording

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Police officers detained a 51-year-old man who ran out to his neighbor in Chojnice in Pomerania with knives, threatening to take his life. The incident can be seen on video recorded by a home surveillance camera. Mr. Marcin from the attack was defended by his dogs. As he tells our reporters, the neighborly conflict has been going on for about a year and a half since he moved into the upper part of the house. We received information and a video on Contact 24.

In January 2022, Mr. Marcin purchased the upper part of one of the houses in Chojnice in Pomerania, he moved into the new apartment two months later. He has neighbors below: two men – brothers – and their mother, about 80 years old. From the very beginning, the neighbors are in constant conflict.

On June 14, the neighborly feud reached its apogee. One of the brothers ran out of the house with two kitchen knives in his hands, threatening Mr. Marcin with his life. The man was defended by his two shepherd dogs, which Mr. Marcin let off the leash. These bit the aggressor. The incident can be seen on video recorded by a home surveillance camera. However, fragments of the brawl are obscured by a low building standing in the garden, probably a garage. Mr. Marcin informed us about the case via Contact 24.

Chojnice. The police arrested the attacker

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The aggressor was detained by the police on the same day. Officers transported the 51-year-old man bitten by dogs to the hospital.

“After treating his wounds, he was taken to a police cell. The man will soon be charged. Now, a resident of Chojnice is facing a penalty of up to 2 years in prison for this crime,” the Chojnice police said in a statement.

51-year-old arrestedKPP in Chojnice

Before the attack, as reported by Mr. Marcin, his neighbors called the police to the scene. They complained to the uniformed officers that Mr. Marcin’s dogs were running around the yard.

– I was sitting in the garden with them, they were running around my fenced property. I will add that dogs do not react to neighbors, so there was no question of any threat. The police came, but they did not take up the subject – says our interlocutor. The attack took place an hour after this intervention.

Mr. Marcin emphasizes that the conflict between him and his neighbors was supposed to start in 2022, right after moving into the newly purchased apartment. – I’m tired of this nightmare, our nerves are in tatters – he reports.

Contact 24, KPP in Chojnice

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