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Chojno Nowe. They detained him for a routine check. After a while he was “overjoyed”

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Road inspectors stopped a truck driver in Chojno Nowe (Lubelskie) with Ukrainian registration numbers. It turned out that the bearing of his trailer was heated to 458 degrees Celsius when it stopped. If not for a break in driving, the tire could have blown out and, consequently, the vehicle could fire. – It is not surprising then that the driver is satisfied who will remember the inspection for a long time – emphasize the inspectors.

On Monday (November 29), on the national road number 12 in Chojna Nowe, inspectors from the Provincial Road Transport Inspectorate in Lublin stopped a tractor with a trailer belonging to a Ukrainian carrier for a routine inspection. The vehicle transported over 20 tons of cargo from Ukraine to Belgium.

– The technical condition check had an unusual result. The inspector found that one of the wheels of the trailer was very hot. After measuring the temperature, it turned out that the thermometer showed a value of as much as 458 degrees Celsius – says Paweł Gruszka, head of the inspection department of WITD in Lublin.

Roadside inspectors: a vehicle fire may have occurred

The thermometer showed 458 degrees Celsius WITD in Lublin

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The truck driver said the trailer had its wheel bearing repaired before departure.


– Probably, improper repair was the cause of such a significant increase in friction that the bearing became extremely overheated. If it were not for the break in driving, forced by the control, the tire could have blown out after the next kilometers and, consequently, the vehicle could fire, the head explains.

“Driver satisfaction”

As Gruszka adds, each of these scenarios would be extremely costly and dangerous, including the loss of cargo and vehicle.

– It is not surprising then that the driver is satisfied, who will remember this control for a long time, because only thanks to it he saved the property entrusted to him by the employer – emphasizes our interlocutor.

The tire could have blown off and then a fireWITD in Lublin

The truck was stopped in Chojno Nowe in the Chełm poviat

Main photo source: WITD in Lublin

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