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Chopin Airport. She flew from Turkey and had to return there immediately

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It was a very short stay of the Dominican woman in Poland. At the airport, her documents raised doubts among the border guard. She heard the accusations and flew back to Turkey.

– During the analysis of the documents, it turned out that the passport contained two suspicious copies of Spanish border control stamps. Additionally, the officer stated that the residence card held by the foreign woman also differs from the accepted template. Therefore, the traveler was directed to the second border control line for detailed verification – says Capt. in a statement. Dagmara Bielec, press officer of the commander of the Nadwiślański Border Guard Unit.

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The doubts turned out to be correct. Both the Spanish residence permit and the controller stamps were forged to resemble the original ones.

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Documents are carefully examined during passport controlNOSG

She heard the charges and had to return to Turkey

The Dominican woman was refused entry to Polish territory and given an appropriate decision. Proceedings were also initiated against her for attempting to cross the border, contrary to the regulations, using forged documents.

Art. 264 § 2. Whoever crosses the border of the Republic of Poland contrary to the regulations, using violence, threats, deceit or in cooperation with other persons, shall be subject to the penalty of imprisonment for up to 3 years. Art. 270 § 1. Whoever, in order to use it as authentic, counterfeits or alters a document or uses such a document as authentic, shall be subject to a fine, restriction of liberty or imprisonment from 3 months to 5 years.

After the charges were presented and the border operations were completed, she flew back to Turkey.

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Main photo source: NOSG

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