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Chopin Airport. Two identities and a forged Iraqi passport. He declared staying in Poland, he had a ticket to Italy

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During the check, he used a forged Iraqi passport. And that was just the beginning. It turned out that the Iraqi has two identities, on the basis of which he was issued three visas and a Polish residence card. On his phone he had a photo of another passport and a ticket for a cruise to Italy, although he declared a 13-day stay in Poland.

After arriving from Istanbul, a man with an Iraqi passport checked in at passport control. He had a Polish tourist visa. He said that he had come to Poland as a tourist, confirming this with a reservation in one of the Warsaw hotels.

“It turned out that the passport presented by the thirty-two-year-old is listed in the Interpol database as a lost blank document. The officers confirmed this fact by carefully analyzing the passport and finding that it had been forged by filling it with personal data by an unauthorized person – this was evidenced by numerous typographical errors and faulty security features on the personalization page: – informs the Border Guard in the message.

SEE: He had no documents, he was placed in a guarded center for foreigners.

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Two identities, three visas

The traveler presented another Iraqi passport, but this expired two years ago. Therefore, a decision was made to check the fingerprint data of the foreigner in the available databases of the Border Guard. Their effect was to establish that the Iraqi has two identities. Moreover, the officers discovered that on the basis of the first identity, the man obtained three Schengen visas, while on the basis of the second identity, he was granted a temporary residence permit.

“In addition, during the activity, the foreigner’s phone contained photos of another passport and a plane ticket on the Warsaw-Vienna-Bologna route for the next day, even though during the check-in he declared a 13-day stay in our country. The hotel reservation in Warsaw was made for only one day, which clearly indicated that the Iraqi citizen was planning a final trip to Italy” – added in the release.

SEE: He flew from Cairo, he had a certificate issued by the “President of the City of Krakow”.

He returned to Turkey

Ultimately, the man was not allowed to enter Poland. Proceedings were initiated in the case of an attempt to cross the state border by deceit, on the basis of a forged document. The Iraqi has pleaded not guilty to the charges against him, but he has offered explanations. He has already left for Turkey on the return flight.

Main photo source: NOSG

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