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Chorzów County. A 72-year-old will be charged with raping children

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Katowice investigators have completed the investigation against a 72-year-old man from the Chorzów district, accused of pedophilia. The man was an important member of the local community, for years he took care of his neighbors’ children and organized games for them. Now he will be charged with numerous rapes and other sexual acts, as well as possession of pedophilic pornography.

The proceedings regarding child rape began when the State Commission for Pedophilia received an anonymous report from an adult who had been a victim of a pedophile as a child. The author of the notification indicated that the perpetrator was a resident of one of the towns in the Chorzów district (due to the delicate nature of the case, the police did not reveal its name). The investigation conducted by police officers from the Criminal Department of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Katowice under the supervision of the prosecutor’s office lasted almost a year. Initially, as the police point out, the only evidence in the case was a video recording.

The then 71-year-old man was detained in February last year. He was charged with, among other things, rape and other sexual acts against children committed over a period of over 20 years, as well as possessing and presenting pornography to minors.

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The neighbors trusted him

Investigators also determined the man’s modus operandi. “The accused, 72-year-old, chose children as his victims who would not tell anyone about what had happened to them, and might even be grateful to him for his care or help. He also often took advantage of their helplessness, character traits and difficult life situations,” we read in the police report. message.

The investigation was even more difficult because the man was popular among the neighbors, who were grateful to him for informally caring for local children. “People around him trusted him and no one, including parents who were unaware of their children’s harm, suspected that he might molest the youngest ones. The man seemed to be a good neighbor, caring for children and a helpful neighbor,” the police describe the situation. Some adults had contact with a “good neighbor” as children, and because they had not been harmed by him, they now sent their offspring to him.

“The man took advantage of the children’s gullibility, openness and immaturity, manipulating and using them for his purposes. In order to encourage the children to contact him, he organized games for them, mainly sports exercises, which were supposed to lead to physical contact. The accused, in fact, manipulated not only the victims, but also their guardians and the local community, inspiring trust and portraying themselves as a person with principles and willing to help,” the police say.

He is awaiting trial

After the arrest, pedophile pornographic materials were found in the 72-year-old’s apartment. The prosecutor charged the man with 13 counts of numerous rapes and other sexual acts to the detriment of children committed over a period of over 20 years, as well as possessing and presenting pornography to minors. The earliest crime he was accused of was committed in 1999. The older ones, according to Gazeta Wyborcza, have expired.

“The indictment has already been brought to court, and the accused is behind bars,” the police inform.

Art. 200. [Seksualne wykorzystanie małoletniego]
§ 1. Whoever has sexual intercourse with a minor under 15 years of age or engages in other sexual acts with such a person or causes such a person to submit to such acts or to perform them, shall be subject to the penalty of imprisonment from 2 to 15 years. § 2. (repealed). § 3. Whoever presents pornographic content to a minor under 15 years of age or makes available to him or her items of such nature or disseminates pornographic content in a way that enables such a minor to become acquainted with it, shall be subject to the penalty of deprivation of liberty for up to 3 years.

Main photo source: KMP Gdańsk

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