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Chorzow. During the night, the residents felt a shock, the ceiling and wall of the building cracked, 16 people were evacuated

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Residents alerted emergency services during the night that they felt a jolt and saw cracks in the ceiling and walls on the last second floor of the building. They were evacuated by firefighters, found a roof over their heads with families. The multi-family house has been decommissioned.

At 1.57 am on the night from Sunday to Monday, the State Fire Service in Chorzów received a call to a two-story multi-family house at Średnia Street.

According to Paweł Strugacz from the State Fire Service in Chorzów, according to the notification that the residents sent to the Voivodeship Rescue Notification Center, “there was a shake on the upper floors of the building” and “you can see strong cracks in the ceiling”.

There was no sign of an explosion – flames or smoke. The building is not connected to the gas installation. Before the services arrived, the building manager arrived there.

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Detached ceiling, cracks in the walls from floor to ceiling

Four fire brigades were working at the middle of the night. They confirmed that there was damage to the rooms on the top floor. – The ceiling of the last floor has detached and the walls of the building running from the floor to the ceiling have cracked. There was also a bulge on the outside of the wall of the last storey located from the yard – says Paweł Strugacz.

– A crack appeared in the area of ​​40 square meters between the wall and the ceiling – says Katarzyna Hohuł from the press office of the city hall in Chorzów.

Firefighters evacuated all 16 residents. Nobody was injured. They found a roof over their heads with their relatives. – None of these people needed replacement housing or medical help – stresses Strugacz.

The Poviat Building Supervision Inspector present on the spot, after the initial inspection, excluded the building from use. The area around the building was cordoned off with warning tape.

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