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Chorzow. Murder during a libation. Four of us drank. A woman is dead, one of the men is in custody on suspicion of murder

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The alcohol-filled party with a tragic finale took place in the 53-year-old’s apartment in Chorzów (Silesian Voivodeship). According to the findings of the investigators, there were also his 59-year-old partner, their 44-year-old friend and a barely met 32-year-old man with multiple convictions. He hit the woman several times. He pleaded not guilty, the prosecutor said. The evidence shows that when the woman died in the night, her companions continued to drink from the glass, and in the morning they went for alcohol.

On Saturday afternoon, a man called the duty officer and informed that his concubine had been beaten and was dead, the police in Chorzów informed.

– I confirm that there was a homicide – says Waldemar Cop, Deputy District Prosecutor in Chorzów. The victim is a 59-year-old woman. Her body was found in the apartment and autopsied. Investigators are waiting for the opinion of the doctors.

The suspect in the murder is a 32-year-old man. The court arrested him for three months. “He has pleaded not guilty,” the prosecutor said. And he adds: – Previously, he was punished many times for crimes against life and health and more. He committed this crime in conditions of recidivism.

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Suspected of murdering a woman in ChorzówSilesian police

“He forbade notifying the police and ambulance, they continued drinking”

The police determined that – on the night from Saturday to Sunday – the 59-year-old victim of the crime and the suspect were in the apartment of the woman’s 53-year-old partner. There was going to be a drinking party there. Apart from them, there was also a 44-year-old friend of the couple. The 32-year-old had just met.

“At some point, a fight broke out between the woman and the youngest of the men. The aggressor approached the 59-year-old woman and started beating her. When her husband tried to stop him, he was also hit. what was going on. Seeing the whole situation, she tried to distract the torturer, but he also hit her. Threatening the others, he forbade notifying the police and the ambulance “- describes the Chorzów police. The message also states: “After the incident, the three men continued to drink alcohol. They were convinced that the beaten woman had gone to sleep. The next day, the two men left the apartment to buy alcohol. Then the applicant realized that his concubine was dead.”

– During the interrogation, the 32-year-old said that during the libation there were many fights between all the participants. His perpetration is indicated by the testimonies of witnesses and other evidence. He hit the woman several times, says Cop.

The other two men, who were supposed to continue drinking after beating the woman, have been questioned as witnesses for the time being. But it is possible that they will be charged for failing to help.

Main photo source: Silesian police

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