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Chorzow. She came to the police station and asked about the seat of the city guard. Disappointed with the answer, she demolished the waiting room – the recording

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The 20-year-old came to the police station in Chorzów. She asked about the headquarters of the city guard. The answer must have upset her, because – as you can see on the surveillance video – she began to destroy the waiting room. She was detained, and after leaving the police station, she brought more trouble to herself. Now she faces up to 10 years in prison.

According to the information in the recording, the incident took place on the evening of August 17. The police announced the case on Thursday. As we read in the message, a young woman came to the Chorzów command. She asked for a seat city ​​guard. “When she heard that the buildings were several kilometers apart, she decided to unleash her emotions on a potted flower standing next to it” – the uniform informs. The behavior of the woman can be seen in the video. She walked over to the plant standing in the corner of the room, grabbed it and threw it down the stairs. Then she kicked a flowerpot, hit the glass of the duty station and began to destroy the phone lying next to it.

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20-year-old at the police station in ChorzówKMP Chorzow

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She left the police station, went to the store and will answer for robbery

Finally, one of the policemen came out to the woman. As reported in the message, “he prevented her from demolishing the waiting room of the Chorzów command”. The 20-year-old insulted the officers who intervened against her. She heard charges of destruction of property and insulting uniformed personnel. “However, this is not the end. Shortly after the woman was released, the uniformed officers received a report about the perpetrator of a robbery in one of the Chorzów supermarkets. Upon arrival at the intervention site, it turned out that it was the same woman. There is a penalty of 10 years in prison, “the police report.

Main photo source: KMP Chorzow

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