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Chrcynno, Cessna Caravan plane crash. Pilot Dominik Punda about this type of aircraft: very good, proven design

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The Cessna Caravan, a model of the plane that crashed in Chrcynno near Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, is an old construction, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. Old means tested. Their thousands of years are a very good plane for this type of task – said Dominik Punda, airline pilot and aviation instructor, on TVN24.

Little one on Monday night a passenger plane crashed into a hangar at the heliport in Chrcynno. There were people in the hangar. Five people were killed and at least seven were injured.

Dominik Punda, airline pilot and aviation instructor, spoke on Tuesday on TVN24. – There are always several reasons, there are factors such as weather, technology and human error. I think here was either a combination of them all or one of them was dominant,” he said.

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“It’s an old design, proven. Thousands of years of them”

Punda also talked about the model of the plane that crashed in Chrcynno. – The Cessna Caravan is an old design, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. Old means proven. Their years thousands. It is a very good aircraft for the type of tasks for which it was used, the so-called workhorse – explained the pilot.

He added that such a model “flew in this zone for years, so it was well known, there was a cadre of people who are familiar with it both technically and in terms of pilotage.”

Cessna Caravan (illustration photo)Martin Hibberd/Shutterstock

“Gusts are dangerous, but the pilot is there to abort the maneuver”

Punda was also asked how dangerous strong gusts of wind are for pilots during the landing maneuver.

– Of course, they are dangerous, but let’s take into account that the pilot’s job is to abort the landing maneuver, or to position himself for landing as he thinks it will be the safest. At the airport, at the airstrip in Chrcynno, we have two different runway directions, i.e. four landing directions in total. At this point, even if it was windy, the pilot could choose the direction that suited him best – explained the expert.

As he added, if the pilot “believed that the gusts of wind, the weather were beyond his capabilities and was above certain minimums set by the manufacturer of the aircraft, he could simply take off.” – The airstrip in Chrcynno is so well situated that to the west we have an airport in Modlin, and if there was no weather there, we also have an airport in Babice in the south-east, then Okęcie, Konstancin – he enumerated.

Main photo source: Martin Hibberd/Shutterstock

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