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Chrcynno. Crash. They recovered the wreckage of the plane. SCAAI explains the reasons

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The State Aircraft Accident Investigation Commission is investigating the causes of the plane crash in Chrcynno near Nasielsk. Members of the commission inspected the wreckage and interviewed one of the crew members who survived the accident. After several hours of action, firefighters extracted the plane stuck in the building and towed it to a nearby hangar.

The extraction and transport operation lasted over five hours. – It ran without any difficulties – said the commanding officer, senior captain. Lukasz Sała. He explained that after pulling the wreckage out of the destroyed building, it was necessary to wait until all the fuel drained from the machine. Only then could it be put on wheels. – The towing of the aircraft was entrusted to the Gąbin Volunteer Fire Department, which has a suitable vehicle equipped with it – said Satała.

He added that the machine was safely transported to the hangar, which is located at the same airport at a distance of 500 meters. There, the services will continue the activities of the prosecutor’s office and the commission. – Of course, before extracting the wreck, a preliminary inspection took place – noted the firefighter.

– The task itself is not difficult, because the plane is light, weighing about two tons. We lift trucks with a tonnage of up to 20 tons. At this point, the plane has been pulled out of the hangar and we are waiting for fuel to flow from the wing, then it will be put on its wheels – said Łukasz Satała earlier. He added that fuel from the plane drains into sorption tanks so that it does not get into the soil.

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The operation was carried out by a specialist technical rescue group operating at the Rescue and Fire Fighting Unit 10 in Warsaw, which deals with lifting and pulling trucks and tankers after accidents on a daily basis. It has four specialized cars. – These are heavy cars with very high lifting capacity – said Sała.

Crew member questioned, “signed out of hospital”

Representatives of the State Aircraft Accident Investigation Commission also completed their activities. – We have completed the initial stage of investigation at the accident site. We managed to talk to one of the crew members (there were three of them – ed.) – said the deputy chairman of PKBWL Andrzej on Tuesday evening Bartosiewicz.

Jacek Bogatko, a member of the commission, specified that the man suffered minor injuries. “He left the hospital at his own request, we were able to talk to him. It brought a little bit of understanding of what happened here – he added.

The commission plans to interview the other pilot who survived the crash when his health permits. In this way, the information already obtained is to be refined. – Now we will work mainly on documents, possibly later we will return to the wreck, we have to put together all these puzzles – summed up Andrzej Bartosiewicz.

The committee is investigating the causes of the disaster

During an earlier conference, the deputy chairman of SCAAI Andrzej Bartosiewicz reported that an instructor and two training pilots were on board the Cessna, and the incident took place just after the machine took off from the ground, after performing the “touch and go” maneuver. The plane is completely destroyed after hitting the building of the club cafeteria of the flying club, which served as a meeting place.

– Yesterday (Monday – ed.) we carried out work documenting the scene of the incident, we made a 3D scan of the scene, we secured all possible evidence. At the moment, after taking the bodies, we are trying to extract the aircraft – said Andrzej after 2 pm Bartosiewicz.

– Then, after extraction, we will inspect the aircraft: cabin, settings of all levers, propeller, flaps. Some of us will go to question a witness, a person who was on the plane and survived the accident. Maybe then we’ll find out more about the event – added Jacek Bogatko at the time.

Members of the commission reminded that their actions are independent of the prosecutor’s investigation. – At this stage, our paths are common, but later they diverge, our goal is to determine the causes in order to prevent such events in the future – concluded Bartosiewicz. The preliminary SCAAI report is to be ready within 30 days.

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The plane was inspected last month

The Management Board of the Warsaw Aeroclub, to which the plane belonged, issued a statement in which it assured that the machine had all the permissions and was in excellent condition.

“The aircraft involved in the incident flew with an experienced pilot-instructor on board, who had all the required qualifications. The aircraft was in excellent technical condition – less than a month ago it underwent a thorough inspection. All aircraft of the Warsaw Aero Club are subject to ongoing maintenance, in accordance with applicable regulations and guidelines for maintaining the airworthiness of aircraft and aviation safety regulations, under the supervision of state authorities.

All victims have been identified

On Monday crash of the Cessna 208 plane, which fell on the hangar at the airport in Chrcynnofive people died and eight were injured. – All victims of the plane crash in Chrcynno have been identified – said on Tuesday Sylwester Marczak, spokesman for the Warsaw Police Headquarters.

When asked about the participants in the disaster, he noted that “we are talking about people who were somewhat related to the airport.” However, he did not indicate whether it was about employees or people who were at the landing site together with people who performed flights there.

The District Prosecutor’s Office in Pułtusk, which launched an investigation into the crash, does not indicate such details. – As a result of this accident, five people died – four men and a woman. Among the victims is the pilot of the plane involved in the accident, prosecutor Jolanta Świdnicka said. “All the victims were Polish citizens aged between 25 and about 50,” the prosecutor added.

At the time of the catastrophe, a group of students of the Military University of Technology in Warsaw was staying in the aeroclub. “Unfortunately, I regret to confirm that one of the deceased was our student,” spokeswoman Ewa Jankiewicz told “Gazeta Stołeczna”.

Eight people were injured, two of them seriously

As prosecutor Świdnicka told us, a total of eight people were taken to hospitals. “In the morning, two of them were in a serious condition,” the prosecutor said. As we reported earlier, the most seriously injured are two men in their 40s. They were transported to the Bródnowski Hospital and the Military Medical Institute by helicopters of the Polish Air Rescue Service. They suffered severe chest injuries and craniocerebral injuries.

– Yesterday evening (Monday – ed.) the patient was brought to us, the situation is difficult, we are currently waiting for the results of the actions taken (…) we need time. The patient is under very good care – said Piotr Gołaszewski, spokesman for the Bródnowski Hospital.

The wife of the injured man, who is staying at the Bródnowski Hospital, asked for blood donation for her husband. “Yesterday, in an accident at the airport in Chrcynno, one of the victims was my husband Artur “Zielony” Zieliński, a man of many passions who loves life and what he does. Many of you contacted me and offered your help, so now please, if you can, donate blood for Artur group ARh(-)” – she wrote.

People who suffered minor injuries were transported to hospitals in Płońsk and Ciechanów. They suffered mostly fractures. Among them is a child.

A 25-year-old man was admitted to the Specialist Provincial Hospital in Ciechanów. “The victim was conscious. Respiratory and circulatory stable. The patient in our hospital was provided with surgery. Currently, he is hospitalized in a good condition in the Trauma and Orthopedic Surgery Department” – said Agnieszka Woźniak, spokeswoman for the facility. “In the late evening, a 9-year-old boy – a participant in the incident – was brought to us from another hospital. The child is in a stable condition under observation at the Children’s Surgery Department” – she pointed out. Woźniak added that both victims were in the hangar at the time of the incident.

Spokesman of the Bródnowski Hospital about the condition of one of the victims TVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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