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Christmas 2021. Gifts, shopping – how much will we spend on Christmas, Deloitte report

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In 2021, we will spend an average of PLN 2,129 on Christmas, according to a study conducted by the consulting company Deloitte. This is 11 percent more, i.e. over PLN 200 compared to the amount declared a year ago. As reported, 70 percent of the holiday budget is spent on food and gifts.

The “Christmas Shopping 2021” survey was conducted using the CAWI (online) method on November 1-18, 2021, among nearly 1,000 people. respondents who are 18 years of age or older.

In the second year of the pandemic, Poles predict an increase in their Christmas-related spending. “First of all, the travel basket will increase, which is natural, taking into account that during the previous holidays, due to restrictions, travel was very limited. We will allocate an average of PLN 333 for this purpose, which is over 55% more than last year” – we read.


Christmas 2021. Gifts

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The authors of the study pointed out that we will not save on food and drinks. “We intend to spend PLN 944 on them and on average the cost will be 10% higher than last year. In turn, gifts will cost a similar amount to last year’s PLN 546 (an increase by 2%). Pleasure and entertainment will cost us an average of PLN 306 ( decrease by 3%) “- indicated.


According to the survey, this year each Pole intends to buy an average of 7 gifts. First of all, these will be gifts for children (63%), and the largest part of the budget (48%) will also be allocated to them. Equally generous gifts will be given to partners, husbands and wives (61 percent). In addition, 56 percent. of respondents plan to prepare a surprise for their parents.

Cosmetics and perfumes as well as care aids will be the most frequently purchased gifts. This answer was indicated by 56 percent. respondents. Toys, games (50%), electronic accessories and books (46%) will also be popular gifts. “Electronic devices will generally be bought less frequently, especially the more expensive ones – computers, consoles, speakers, personal music devices or e-readers” – it was noted. According to the survey, more than 85 percent. people do not plan to buy these devices.

Christmas 2021. How much will we spend on Christmas?TVN24 BiS

Almost half, because 47 percent. Poles’ holiday budget will be spent on online shopping. “The categories of products most often purchased online are those related to travel and leisure (71%), hobbies, toys and books (63%), and electronic accessories (64%)” – we read. In stationary stores, we mainly buy food and drinks (85%).

The authors of the study noted that more and more of us plan to shop earlier. “In November, 27 percent wanted to do it, and it is a huge jump compared to the previous year (12 percent). Black Friday was an additional opportunity for Christmas shopping for about 1 in 10 people. In December, on average, two out of three Poles plan Christmas shopping, the most people (54 percent) intend to make it by 25 December “- it was reported.

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