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Christmas 2023. Christmas and New Year’s Eve trips – Egypt, Turkey most popular. Travelplanet.pl report

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Approximately PLN 4,461 per person – this is the average cost of a trip with a travel agency during the Christmas and New Year period in 2023. This is the result of the latest analysis prepared by Travelplanet.pl. As we read, more and more people decide to go on trips that include Christmas Eve. Nearly half of tourists choose the same destination for their holidays.

Travelplanet.pl analyzed booking statistics as of November 7 this year, regarding trips of travel agency clients during Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Travelplanet.pl is one of the three largest travel multi-agents operating on the Polish market, along with Wakacje.pl and Fly.pl.

According to the analysis, one fifth (20%) of winter holiday reservations cover the Christmas and New Year period. It was emphasized that this is much more than in 2022.

Egypt is ahead of Turkey

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He is unrivaled Egypt. This direction is chosen by almost half (48.2%) of travel agency clients. “This is a result almost twice as good as in the same period of 2022 – then bookings to Egypt accounted for less than 26 percent. But then it was much more expensive, PLN 4,500 per person. Now ‘Egyptian’ holidays are PLN 1,000 cheaper, because customers pay on average PLN 3,500 PLN” – pointed out Radosław Damasiewicz, president of Travelplanet.pl.

Just over 11 percent customers want to spend this time in Turkey. For a holiday in this country during the holidays, you have to pay on average PLN 2,449 per person, while in 2022 it was PLN 3,086.

The Canary Islands came in third place, chosen by 5%. travel agency clients. For relaxation in this region Spain you have to pay an average of PLN 5,026 per person. In the same period last year it was PLN 5,472.

They complete the top five most popular destinations Cyprus and Malta.

Many tourists want to spend Christmas and the New Year exotically. Primarily in Zanzibar, the United Arab Emirates and on Dominicans, which in total account for 8%. reservation.

Interestingly, there are no typical ski destinations in the top ten, such as Italy or Austria. According to Jarosław Kałucki, ski expert at Travelplanet.pl, “it is understandable because ski enthusiasts wait for snow reports before they decide to spend Christmas in the mountains.” “Last year, after the December opening of ski stations, many of them had to temporarily suspend their operations due to rapid warming,” he noted.


The analysis shows that for now, ski holidays and New Year’s in the mountains account for a total of about 2%. reservation.

“Offers with half board and own transport in renowned resorts (Val di Sole, Ankogel – Moeltall glacier, Ski Juvel or Wilder Kaiser Brixental in Tyrol) start from PLN 1,800. It is worth noting that this is approximately PLN 400 – 500 more than necessary pay for similar trips at the beginning of the season in December or in the low season in January,” Jarosław Kałucki pointed out.

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