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Christmas Island. Millions of red crabs. The annual trek has begun

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The migration of red crabs has started on Christmas Island. Their annual destination is the Indian Ocean. Facilities were prepared for the animals.

On Christmas Island, millions of scarlet red crabs began their migration. Special bridges were built for them to help them cross the streets. In addition, many roads have been closed.

Christmas Island. Crab migration

According to the nature conservation agency Parks Australia, the annual migration of red crabs (Gecarcoidea natalis) begins with the first rainfall in the rainy season. Usually it is in October or November, but sometimes it is in December or January. During this period, crabs from the entire island, millions of individuals, leave their nests simultaneously and begin to “march” towards the ocean to mate and lay eggs.

After fertilization, the males will go back to the forests and the females will stay in their burrows on the beach for about two weeks to lay their eggs. Each female red crab can lay up to 100,000 eggs.

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Crab migrationReuters

Crab migration Reuters

Crab migrationReuters

Main photo source: Reuters

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