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Christmas, New Year’s Eve 2022. Egypt, Cyprus, Malta, Turkey, Canary Islands – how much do you have to pay for a trip during the holidays?

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Trips with travel agencies for Christmas and New Year’s Eve increased by 20 percent compared to the same period last year, according to the latest travelplanet.pl report. The average price of a trip for one person jumped from about PLN 3,500 to PLN 4,300. Egypt remains the most popular destination, but its advantage has sharply decreased.

The analysis conducted by Travelplanet.pl shows that, just like last year, tourists most often choose Egyptian resorts during the Christmas and New Year period. This direction accounts for 22.5 percent. all bookings. However, there is a clear increase in the cost of leisure. The latest data show that a year ago travelers flew to Egypt for an average of about PLN 3,000, and this year the cost jumped to nearly PLN 4,400 per person.

“Such a radical increase in costs resulted in an equally radical decrease in visitor numbers – now Egypt was chosen by about 22 percent of travel agency customers. Last year’s Christmas and New Year period it was almost 50 percent.” – noticed.

Along with Wakacje.pl and Fly.pl, Travelplanet.pl is one of the three largest travel multi-agents operating on the Polish market.

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Christmas Tours

In the next places are island destinations – Cyprus and Malta. Tourists who spend Christmas or New Year’s Eve there must pay PLN 2,200 and about PLN 1,900, respectively. “These destinations were chosen by 14% of travel agency clients, clearly more than Turkey (approx. 9 percent) where they pay almost PLN 2,800 on average for Christmas or New Year’s Eve. This is about PLN 700 more than a year ago, while Cyprus went up by about PLN 600 and Malta by less than PLN 300.

Travelplanet.pl reported that “ski trips for the holidays enjoy little interest”.

Down Italian 2.4% go on Christmas or New Year’s Eve skiing customers of travel agencies, and to Austria – 2 percent. “No wonder, because ski offers at this time are definitely more expensive than before December 22 (the so-called December cheap skis) and right after the new year, when the so-called low season is valid in the Alps until the beginning of February” – indicated the authors of the report.

Holiday prices

According to Travelplanet.pl, one third of all bookings for Christmas and New Year’s Eve were made in five-star hotels. The cheapest 8 days in a five-star, all inclusive hotel can be spent in Turkey. The prices of offers with a flight from Berlin start at around PLN 1,700. “If we want to fly there from a Polish airport, we need to add about PLN 400-500 to this amount” – it was announced.

Interestingly, in the case of Egypt, the differences are even greater. As we read, when leaving Poland, you have to take into account the cost of at least PLN 3,000 per person, while when leaving Berlin, such a holiday can be even PLN 800 cheaper.

As emphasized, the Canary Islands are exceptionally expensive for this year’s holidays. A stay in a five-star hotel, all inclusive, costs PLN 5,000-6,000. Meanwhile, there are similar, five-star offers from the Arab Emirates, the Dominican Republic or Cuba, “and in four-star proposals you can even pick and choose for this money” – it was noted.

On the other hand – as the authors of the report noted – four-star all inclusive in the Canary Islands can be purchased from about PLN 2,500 per person. Even cheaper at this time you can relax in Malta – about 2000 PLN.

Holidays by the Polish seaside or in the mountains

Travelplanet.pl also provided prices for a week’s rest, with own transport, in Poland.

Christmas in the country in a four-star hotel with half board, i.e. with breakfast and dinner, can be spent from PLN 1200-1400 on the Baltic Sea. In a five-star facility by the sea, holidays cost a minimum of about PLN 1,700. On the other hand, the prices of three-star hotels in this offer configuration start at around PLN 1,100.

According to the report, in Zakopane or in the Karkonosze Mountains, for a four-star Christmas with breakfasts and dinners, you should prepare at least PLN 2,300-2,400 per person. “In the mountains, you can save about the same on lowering the standard by one star as on the Baltic Sea, PLN 100-150, but there are offers cheaper by about PLN 500. Most often, however, you have to leave the hotel on the first day of Christmas” – it was pointed out.

According to the authors of the report, if you want to spend the whole Christmas on a national trip to the mountains, you need to be prepared to spend a minimum of PLN 2,800-2,900 per person, “and in a three-star rather than a four-star hotel”. “And this is the financial ceiling that allows you to rest for such money in a five-star hotel with all-inclusive meals in Egypt, Cyprus, not to mention Turkey” – it was pointed out.

“Christmas in the Polish mountains is clearly more expensive this year than in the Alps”

Travelplanet.pl reported that “Christmas in the Polish mountains is clearly more expensive this year than in the Alps”. The report compares the Alpine Christmas offer with the Polish mountains. “A total of more trips were booked for this period to Austria and Italy (about 4.5 percent) than to the Sudetes, Beskidy and Tatra Mountains (about 3 percent). The explanation is trivial – lower prices of offers, comparable to the standard” – indicated.

The analysis shows that at this time, weekly ski trips to Austria – Kaunertal, Innsbruck region – with self-drive and half-board costs from about PLN 1,500, and in Italian Bormio – from less than PLN 1,700. Importantly, these offers, however, assume a trip home on the first day of Christmas. “If, however, we would like to arrive the day before Christmas Eve and leave two days before New Year’s Eve, we need to prepare at least PLN 1,800-1,900 for a ski holiday at that time (Campitello di Fassa in Italy, Seeboden in Austria)” – we read.

The authors of the report indicated that a larger selection of Christmas offers in the Austrian and Italian Alps is for those who can spend at least PLN 2,100 per person on a week-long trip with half board. “Skiers must add about EUR 300-350 (equivalent to about PLN 1,400-1,640 – ed.) for a six-day ski pass. In Poland, it is about PLN 700-800, but also incomparably less ski slopes available” – it was noted.

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