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Christmas trips tempt Poles. “During this period around winter, we are looking for warmth, we are looking for sunlight”

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Christmas in the tropics is more tempting than ski resorts. The most popular destination is Egypt, which is fighting for tourists and lowering prices because of the war in the region. The choice also falls on Turkey and the Canary Islands.

Going away during Christmas can have a lot of advantages. First of all, it is real physical rest, without spending many hours standing in the kitchen or chasing gifts in stores. Secondly, it is also a mental break, because there are no obligatory meetings with the family at this time. Poles notice these advantages. As much as 20 percent of winter reservations include Christmas and New Year’s Eve. – During this period around winter, we are looking for warmth, we are looking for sunlight. It’s gray and gray here in Poland. It’s either snowing or raining – explains Agata Chmiel from nazwa.pl.

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According to a report by travelplanet.pl, Egypt is undoubtedly the most popular destination. It is chosen by almost half of all tourists going abroad for holidays. Poles also like Turkey and the Canary Islands. Relatively popular destinations include Cyprus, Malta and Zanzibar. All these countries have one thing in common: it is warm and exotic. – You can swim in the sea. If someone really wants to catch some of this real summer in the middle of winter, they can have such a summer in Egypt or the Emirates, or further south in exotic destinations – says Jarosław Kałucki from the travelplanet.pl portal.

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Exotic destinations

Egypt and Turkey are popular despite difficult geopolitical conditions, especially the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip. Compared to 2022, prices there have dropped significantly, even by 20 percent. In 2022, the average cost of seven nights in a hotel of at least four stars in Egypt was PLN 4,500. This year it is PLN 1,000 less. Prices are also lower in the Canary Islands. – This is associated with lower prices of aviation fuel. Let me remind you that the flight constitutes almost 50 percent of the cost of such a tourist event. The euro is much cheaper, but above all, two new players have entered the Polish market, two new tour operators who specialize in these directions – adds Jarosław Kałucki.

Poles taking an exotic holiday during Christmas care about both low prices and comfort. However, they do not expect to have dumplings and borscht for dinner in a resort on the Red Sea on Christmas Eve. – There are also some customers who cannot imagine Christmas Eve without their family, so they traditionally spend Christmas Eve at home, and go away, for example, on the second day of Christmas and also visit New Year’s Eve – says Agata Chmiel. Exoticism, beaches and warm sea clearly outweighed foreign ski resorts this season. The ten most popular destinations do not include countries such as Austria, Italy or France. Let us remind you that in 2022, due to lack of snow, the slopes were temporarily closed even in the Alps and Pyrenees. Due to the climate catastrophe, every fourth European resort has problems with snowmaking.

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