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Chrzanów. Arrows in command. He was attacked with a knife and a hammer on policemen, he was shot

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The 28-year-old broke into the police station in Chrzanów (Lesser Poland Voivodeship) and attacked the officers with a knife, informs the police. The attacker was shot by the officers. He was taken to the hospital.

The officers were attacked on Monday after 23.00.

According to information provided by the police, the man who came to the police station was agitated and behaving aggressively. As Barbara Szczerba from the Małopolska Police reports, the man entered the building, took out a metal hammer and a knife, and wanted to get to the duty room. – The assistant on duty, wanting to prevent him from going further and protect himself from the attack of a madman, sheltered himself with a chair. The duty officer, seeing the attack on his colleague, ran out of the duty room and called the attacker to throw away the knife and hammer – reports Szczerba.

Police: attacker hit twice in the leg

The man – as the policewoman describes – disobeyed and threatened the policeman with a knife. It was then that the second officer used a weapon and hit the attacker in the leg. – However, this did not stop the attacker, who continued shouting that he would kill the assistant on duty and, not responding to the policeman’s orders, waved the knife wanting to deliver a blow – says Szczerba. The officer fired a second time. He hit the leg of a 28-year-old, and a moment later – according to the policewoman – other officers came to the room to help.

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A 28-year-old under police supervision in a hospital

The policemen bandaged the attacker and handed him over to the emergency medical team. The man was hospitalized, policemen were not injured.

– While driving the ambulance, the rescuers had to use safety belts because the man was still aroused and aggressive – adds Szczerba. The 28-year-old remains under police supervision in the hospital.

tvn24.pl, the Małopolska Police

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