Ciechanow. Accident on the tracks. Difficulties in running trains from Warsaw to Działdowo


On Friday morning in Ciechanów, a train hit a man to death. Due to the accident, there are difficulties in running Warsaw-Działdowo trains. A replacement bus service was launched between Ciechanów and Gąsocin.

– The accident happened around 5.15 in the area of ​​Fabryczna Street in Ciechanów. There, a train from Działdowo to Warsaw fatally hit a man. We don’t know his identity yet. Police officers, under the supervision of the prosecutor, establish the circumstances of the incident. The police activities ended at 8 o’clock and the place was handed over to the railway – Jolanta Bym from the District Police Headquarters in Ciechanów informed us.

The fire department was also on the scene. – Due to injuries, we withdrew from providing first aid. Firefighters secured the scene. The emergency medical team arrived and pronounced the man dead. Due to the lack of other threats, we have completed our activities – said Damian Kołpaczyński from the fire brigade in Ciechanów.

“Difficulties in the movement of trains on the Warszawa – Działdowo, Ciechanów – Gąsocin line. Some trains may be delayed, canceled or run in a shortened relation. Train delays may change. Detailed information on train running on the website” – they informed in Friday morning Koleje Mazowieckie. On the Ciechanów – Gąsocin section, bus transport runs until further notice.

Mutual honoring of tickets

“On the Warszawa Zachodnia – Działdowo – Warszawa Zachodnia section, via the Warszawa Wschodnia station and Warszawa Gdańska, mutual honoring of Koleje Mazowieckie – KM tickets on PKP Intercity trains and PKP Intercity tickets on Koleje Mazowieckie – KM trains was introduced. The validation of tickets is valid from 08:00 to appeals,” it said. At the same time, it was stipulated that the acceptance of tickets does not apply on EIP trains and on trains with sleeping places.

Before 8 o’clock, Koleje Mazowieckie announced the resumption of train traffic between Ciechanów and Gąsocin. – Traffic has been restored, but there are so-called secondary delays. They will last until noon – confirmed Donata Nowakowska, spokeswoman for Koleje Mazowieckie after 9 am.

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The locomotive hit a Koleje Mazowieckie trainTomasz Zieliński/

Main photo source: KM

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