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Ciechanow. An 81-year-old resident of the Regimin commune near Ciechanów fell victim to a scam using the “sick daughter” method

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An 81-year-old resident of the Regimin commune near Ciechanów fell victim to a “sick daughter” scam. She believed the woman who called her, who claimed to be her daughter and asked for money for treatment. The senior lost PLN 14.5 thousand.

As reported on Friday by Magda Zarembska from the District Police Headquarters in Ciechanów, the incident took place in one of the towns of the Regimin commune. An 81-year-old woman who lives there was called by a woman who introduced herself as her daughter, said in a hoarse voice that she had health problems, was hospitalized and needed money for treatment.

– The 81-year-old did not suspect a trick, because the interlocutor was convincing and credible. Her friend was supposed to come for the money at the appointed time. The senior was convinced and without a shadow of a doubt donated PLN 14.5 thousand. It wasn’t until several hours later, after contacting her daughter, that she became convinced that she had been the victim of a scam. She then reported the incident to the police.

Police are urging older people to be careful

The police warns against this type of fraud and reminds that “in order not to become a victim of such a crime, we must act prudently and not succumb to emotions, and be guided by the principle of limited trust towards unknown people claiming to be relatives”.

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“The most common element of fraudsters’ activities is to select elderly people who live alone as their victims. Scammers are trying to gain our trust. Let’s not be fooled by the hoarse, changed voice of the alleged grandson or daughter. Let’s not transfer money to strangers” – emphasizes the police and appeals to report incidents when we suspect a scammer.

How do scammers work?Police

Police appeal to seniors: do not be deceived17.02. | Police arrested five people in connection with a criminal group specializing mainly in fraud and money laundering. – These are three men and two women, aged 29 to 65 – informs the spokeswoman of the Lodz police. The suspects face up to 10 years in prison.TVN24 Lodz

Main photo source: TVN24

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