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Ciechanow. He had a court-ordered driving ban and was pulled over for speeding. What threatens him?

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Police officers from the Ciechanów Highway Patrol detained the driver of a Volkswagen, which exceeded the speed limit. The 33-year-old was banned from driving by a court decision, and he faces five years in prison if he breaks the ban.

“During the checks in the police databases, uniformed officers found out that a 33-year-old resident of the Maków district has three court bans on driving any motor vehicles issued by the District Courts in Ciechanów and Mława” – informs Magda Zarembska, press officer of the Ciechanów police.

He faces five years in prison

As the policewoman adds, “for repeated driving while intoxicated and failing to comply with the provisions of the justice system, the court imposed a lifetime driving ban on the 33-year-old.”

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“Despite this, the man got behind the wheel. When asked by the policemen why he still does not comply with court judgments, he replied that ‘he has to commute to work'” – the spokeswoman said.

He has already been fined for speeding. Now the man will answer for the crime of driving a vehicle despite the ban. He faces five years in prison.

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