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Ciechanów. He hit road signs, “the car windows were not frostbitten”

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The 20-year-old caused a collision and damaged road signs. This incident probably occurred because he forgot to properly prepare his car before setting off on his journey. He was fined.

On Thursday, November 30, at ul. A dangerous incident occurred at the Polish Army in Ciechanów.

– The driver of the Toyota, a 20-year-old resident of the Ciechanów district, did not exercise particular caution and hit an obstacle post with the road sign C9 “must drive on the right side of the sign”, separating traffic lanes. There were two passengers traveling with the 20-year-old. Fortunately, nothing serious happened. The driver was sober. This incident was most likely caused by his failure to prepare his vehicle for driving. The car’s windows were not defrosted, which resulted in limited visibility. The police issued a fine to a 20-year-old man for causing a threat to road safety, said the Asp. Magda Zarembska from the Ciechanów police.

He hit road signs Ciechanów police

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You can pay up to three thousand

The police remind you that in accordance with Art. 66 section 1 point 1 and 5 of the Road Traffic Law, a vehicle participating in traffic must be equipped and maintained in such a way that its use does not threaten the safety of its occupants or other road participants. It cannot violate traffic order on the road or expose anyone to harm. Using a vehicle in motion is also to ensure a sufficient field of vision for the driver and easy, comfortable and safe use of steering, braking and signaling devices. When cleaning your car, don’t forget about the license plate and mirrors. The front and rear light lenses should also be clean. Anyone who fails to fulfill this obligation may be fined up to PLN 3,000

The windows in the car were frozenCiechanów police

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Cleaning a part of the glass is not enough

– Some drivers in a hurry clear only the part of the windshield that is at eye level, mistakenly thinking that they are able to properly observe the driving field. In this case, the field of view is practically zero and the driver is unable to notice the pedestrian. He also cannot see other vehicles well. If there is a layer of snow on the car, we also need to remove it. Pieces of ice or snow falling from the car hit the vehicles behind it and force drivers to brake suddenly. At higher speeds, such situations can be fatal – adds Asst. Magda Zarembska.

Main photo source: Ciechanów police

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