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Ciechanow. He was driving 104 kilometers per hour in a built-up area. Big fine for the driver

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Police officers from Ciechanów stopped a Renault whose driver exceeded the speed limit by 54 kilometers per hour in a built-up area. – The 29-year-old, who showed a disrespectful attitude to the applicable regulations, could not count on a reduced tariff – said the police spokeswoman in Ciechanów, the aspirant Magda Zarembska.

According to the spokeswoman, last Saturday in Pęchcin, police officers from the Ciechanów SPEED group measured the speed of the Renault. “It turned out that the 29-year-old driver accelerated to 104 kilometers per hour. A resident of the Płock district lost his driving license for three months. The policemen fined the 29-year-old 1,500 zlotys and 13 penalty points” – mentioned the aspirant Zarembska.

How to drive safely The police reminds

The spokeswoman noted that, out of concern for the safety of travelers, police officers once again appeal for caution and compliance with traffic regulations.

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“They also remind us how important it is to drive at the so-called safe speed – one at which the driver retains full control of the vehicle, i.e. if necessary, he can stop it in front of an emerging obstacle or avoid it without unnecessary risk” – she warned. “On the road, where the situation is very often dynamic, there may be circumstances in which we will be forced to react immediately. Excessive speed may be a factor that will prevent us from controlling the vehicle in time, which may lead to tragic road accidents” she concluded.

Main photo source: Police in Ciechanów

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