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Ciechanów, Warsaw Targówek. A crying boy wandered around the cemetery, a girl looked around helplessly. What to do to avoid losing your child

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When you are going to an extremely crowded place, choose expressive clothing: a reflective T-shirt or a colorful hat that can be seen from a distance. Tell your child what to do if he gets lost. It should stand still and wait for you to find it (it is not allowed to leave the store or the station, or get into a car with anyone). Teach your child his basic personal details such as name and surname and hometown, as well as the names and surnames of his parents. Remember, however, that in stressful situations most children forget basic information, so make sure you have a bracelet or armband with the contact details of their parents or guardians. If your child gets lost, don’t waste time looking for him on your own. Inform the police immediately. The most important rule is not to look “quietly”. It is worth using a technique that will involve more people in the search, so instead of shouting out a description of the child’s appearance, you should shout out the name. For example: “I’m looking for a boy: 4 years old, blond hair, red blouse, green shorts.” The method works effectively because more people are looking for a specific child, and if someone wants to hurt the child, there is a chance that they will give up their intentions.

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