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Cieladz, province Lodz. Unexploded bomb in a ditch on provincial road 707. Police: someone dug it up and left it in a ditch

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– Someone must have found the projectile and threw it into the ditch – police officers who were alerted on Tuesday that there was a mortar grenade on the provincial road 707 in Cieladz (Łódź Voivodeship). According to police pyrotechnics, it has a caliber of 81 millimeters and probably dates from the Second World War.

Road construction workers informed the police about the projectile. The report was sent to the district headquarters in Rawa Mazowiecka on Tuesday around 11:50. – Sappers have been called to the site – junior midshipman Agata Krawczyk from the Rawa police station reports.

However, before that happened, officers guarded access to the missile for 24 hours.

– There was no need to evacuate residents or shut down traffic on a nearby road. Uniforms made sure that no one could get close to the unexploded bomb – says Agata Krawczyk.

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Someone moved the bullet and dropped it in the ditch

Police pyrotechnics determined that someone had planted a shell in a ditch. This is evidenced by the fact that the unexploded ordnance was clean.

The bullet was found in a roadside ditchPolice in Rawa Mazowiecka

– It was definitely excavated from the ground before. Someone had to drop it there – emphasizes Agata Krawczyk.

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This, as the police officer points out, was very irresponsible.

– Remember that very large projectiles can have a firing range of up to several hundred meters. After finding an unexploded ordnance, the services should be alerted as soon as possible – says junior asp. Krawczyk.

He emphasizes that such a find must not be moved, touched or disarmed under any circumstances. The place where it is located should be protected against access by unauthorized persons, especially children.

– If we are in the open space or in the forest, this place should be marked in such a way that no one can enter it and it can be easily found – says the policewoman.

Missile taken away by sappers

On Wednesday around noon sappers from Tomaszów Mazowiecki appeared on the spot.

– The unexploded ordnance was safely removed – emphasizes the spokeswoman of the Rawa district headquarters.

The bullet was found in a ditch on provincial road No. 707

Main photo source: Police in Rawa Mazowiecka

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