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Cieszyn. The lawnmower cut off four of the boy’s fingers. He was taken to a hospital in Katowice, from there to Otwock

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Dad heard a scream, saw his wounded son in the garden next to the lawn mower. He took him to the hospital, but an ambulance drove in front of them, and then a medical helicopter landed on the roundabout. An 11-year-old boy had four fingers cut off his hand, except for his thumb. From Cieszyn he was taken to a hospital in Katowice, and from there to Otwock.

The police in Cieszyn are explaining the circumstances of the accident that took place on a private property in the nearby village of Drogomyśl on June 27 before 7 p.m.

Dad heard a scream in the garden. He saw his wounded son there. An 11-year-old boy had four fingers cut off. Next to the child, there was a mower for mowing the grass, Krzysztof Pawlik, a spokesman for the Cieszyn police, reports the first findings.

Police officers determine who started the mower, whether the boy was mowing the grass, whether there was an adult next to him.

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– The father took the boy to the hospital in his car – says Pawlik. However, they did not reach the hospital, the ambulance team went to meet them and treated the boy in the ambulance. The medics called the Polish Medical Air Rescue, which landed in Cieszyn at the roundabout along Katowicka Street, near the exit to the S52 expressway.

The boy lost four fingers and was taken by the LPR helicopterSylwia Pieczonka

Four fingers cut off, thumb left

The helicopter transported the 11-year-old to the Upper Silesian Children’s Health Center in Katowice. During the transport, the hospital in Katowice contacted a specialist hospital in Otwock in Mazovia, which on that day was one of two institutions in the country on duty for replantation (there are six such hospitals in total in Poland, GCZD is not one of them).

Otwock agreed to accept the boy. Within an hour, GCZD performed all the necessary imaging and laboratory tests on the child. The 11-year-old was given painkillers, the wound was dressed and immobilized.

– The boy had four fingers of his right hand cut off, whole, at the level of the knuckles. He didn’t lose his thumb, which is reassuring even if for some reason the fingers couldn’t be sewn back on. Thanks to the thumb, the hand will still be grippy – says Wojciech Gumułka, GCZD spokesman,

Wrap your fingers in gauze, put in an airtight bag, ice bag

For technical reasons, transport of LPR to Otwock was not possible. The boy and the lifeguard went by ambulance to the airport in Pyrzowice, from there by plane to Okęcie and again by ambulance to the hospital in Otwock. Along with cut off fingers, which – as described by GCZD – were properly secured.

As we read in the post on the hospital’s Facebook profile, the fingers were not directly in water or ice, “but wrapped in sterile gauze and put in a sealed bag, immersed in ice water.” GCZD emphasizes that “this kept the fingers in a dry environment, which increases the chances of successful replantation.”

– If the fingers were directly in the water or ice, the tissue would become wet and lose its original structure, which would make replantation much more difficult or even impossible. Contact with something very cold, with ice, through foil would have a similar effect. Of course, the fingers had to be in a plastic, airtight, dry bag, but thanks to wrapping the fingers in gauze, this contact with the ice was weakened – explains Gumułka.

We asked the hospital in Otwock if the replantation was successful. We are waiting for answer.

Police: you work in the garden, focus only on this work

– Regardless of the circumstances of the accident, there was a serious injury to the hand, so as always in similar situations, we call for you to focus only on this work during garden work, so that everything is done properly and safely. Not only when working with motorized tools, but also, for example, when climbing a ladder – says Krzysztof Pawlik;

Main photo source: Sylwia Pieczonka

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