Cisna. PiS stronghold, and this tiny town in Bieszczady votes differently than everyone else


The Podkarpackie Voivodeship has been the area of ​​Law and Justice for years. Jarosław Kaczyński’s party won the parliamentary elections in this part of Poland this year. However, there is a small commune in the Bieszczady Mountains that has been voting differently than the rest of the voivodeship for years. The exception is Cisna, which once again voted for the opposition.

Cisna is a small town in the Lesko district in the south of Podkarpacie, with a population of less than 500 inhabitants. For years, its residents have been voting differently than in the entire voivodeship. That’s how it was this Sunday. After counting one hundred percent of the votes, it turned out that the parliamentary elections to the Sejm and Senate in the Cisna commune were won by the Civic Coalition, which won 39.43 percent of the votes. It was supported by 976 people. Interestingly, this is an even better result than four years ago, when 37.04 percent of voters voted for KO.

The opposition party, Trzecia Droga, also came second, with 570 votes cast, which translated into 23.03 percent support.

PiS saw a decline

Law and Justice came only third. 456 people voted for Jarosław Kaczyński’s party, which translated into 18.42 percent support. PiS has lost several percentage points compared to the result from four years ago. In the 2019 parliamentary elections to the Sejm and Senate, Kaczyński’s party enjoyed the support of 25.17 percent of voters.

Right behind PiS was the Left, for which 220 voters voted. This translated into 8.89 percent. support.

The Confederation was supported by 175 people, which gave 7.07 percent. support.

This means that PiS has lost a lot to the opposition compared to the 2019 elections. Not only did he now have seven percentage points fewer votes, but the opposition (calculated as KO, Third Way and Left) also had six percentage points more than four years ago.

They voted for a woman

The most votes in the entire field were won by “number one” KO, MP Joanna Frydrych, for whom 565 people voted. The leader of the Third Way – the mayor of the city and commune of Ustrzyki Dolne, Bartosz Romowicz, was supported by 309 people. Another PiS veteran, Marek Kuchciński, was on the podium, for whom 196 people voted. None of the other candidates exceeded one hundred votes.

Łukacijewska: in my commune in Bieszczady everything is rusty and makes me proud

The election results in the Cisna commune were commented on by MEP Elżbieta Łukacijewska, who was associated with the local government for many years in the past. In the years 1998 to 2001, she served as the mayor of the Cisna commune.

“In my Bieszczady commune of Cisna, beautiful autumn colors, everything turns red and fills me with pride. I am officially announcing that the Civic Coalition wins the election podium,” she wrote on her official Facebook profile.

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