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Cities give up free communication for refugees from Ukraine. Since when do they have to pay for the ticket?

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Local governments resign from free public transport for refugees from Ukraine. In Gdańsk, you have to pay tolls for a month. From June, this rule has also been introduced by several other voivodship cities. Refugees staying in Szczecin will be able to use the free transport the longest.

After the Russian attack on Ukraine, many cities in Poland introduced free public transport for refugees. At the beginning, every Ukrainian was eligible for the relief, later local governments introduced a change: people who fled Ukraine after the Russian attack on February 24 did not need a ticket.

After a few months, other cities give up free travel. It is most often related to the costs incurred by local governments.

In Gdańsk, refugees are already paying for the ticket

You have to pay for the ticket in Gdańsk for a month. Free public transport for refugees from Ukraine was in force only until the end of April.

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“From May 1, 2022, war migrants from Ukraine are no longer required to travel free of charge by Gdańsk public transport. The reduced / free travels by Ukrainian citizens can be used on the same basis as other foreigners or Polish citizens” – we read on the website of the Public Transport Authority in Gdańsk.

Gdansk. Ukrainian citizens can use public transport on the same basis as other foreigners or Polish citizensztm.gda.pl

From June, Ukrainians pay in Warsaw, Kraków, Katowice and Łódź

In Warsaw, refugees from Ukraine have to pay for the ticket from June 1st. According to the April order of the President of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, refugees from Ukraine could travel without a ticket until May 31. As of June 1, refugees are entitled to concessions like everyone else, including a discount for pupils and students, and free travel for people over 70 years of age.

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On May 31, free travel for refugees from Ukraine ended also in Krakow and in neighboring municipalities that have joined the agreement on this support, the Krakow municipality announced on Thursday. As recalled, the possibility of free travel was introduced from February 24 for a period of 97 days. The exemption from tolls applied to moving around the city and neighboring municipalities that joined the agreement in order to jointly carry out tasks in the field of collective public transport for Ukrainian citizens.

In Katowice, free public transport was also only until May 31.

A little longer, because until June 3, refugees from Ukraine can travel for free on public transport in Łódź.

Free public transport in Łódź for refugees from Ukraine until June 3mpk.lodz.pl

Free public transport for refugees in Wrocław, Poznań and Szczecin

In Wrocław, refugees from Ukraine will be able to use free public transport until the end of June. The councilors made such a decision on March 24. Also from February 26, refugees from Ukraine who legally entered Poland after the declaration of martial law can travel there for free – on February 24, 2022 at the earliest.


Refugees can also travel in Poznań for free until the end of June. From July, however, they will have to pay for the ticket. This decision was made by the councilors on May 17 at the City Council session. As the Poznań authorities explained, the city did not receive a refund from the government for the free travel of refugees. As estimated, free communication for Ukrainians costs the local government PLN 14 million.

The refugees staying in Szczecin will be able to use the free transport the longest.

“Citizens of Ukraine who crossed the Ukrainian-Polish border on February 24 or later, on the basis of a document confirming the crossing, will be able to use public transport free of charge until September 30” – informs the Road and Public Transport Authority in Szczecin.

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