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City Hall in Warsaw without crosses. Magdalena Sroka and Monika Rosa comment

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I think that it (the cross – ed.) does not bother anyone, it is in many places, it is in the Polish parliament and this discussion and this language are unnecessary, which today actually means that we have given fuel to PiS again – said Magdalena Sroka (Trzecia Droga , PSL) about the discussion on the decision of the Warsaw City Hall on religious neutrality. – We live in a secular country and I am a bit surprised that there is such controversy and outrage – said Monika Rosa (Nowoczesna, Civic Coalition).

The guests of “Fakty po Faktach” were Magdalena Sroka (Trzecia Droga, PSL) – chairwoman of the parliamentary investigative committee for Pegasus and Monika Rosa – MP from Nowoczesna from the Civic Coalition club.

They commented, among others, on the order of the President of Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski regarding standards of equal treatment in the capital city hall. Those relating to religious neutrality received wide attention. “In office buildings accessible to outsiders and during events organized by the office, no symbols related to a specific religion or denomination are displayed in the space (e.g. on walls, on desks),” we read in the document. This means that crosses are to disappear from offices.

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Rosa: crosses should not be hung on the walls in the office

The decision of the Warsaw City Hall divided politicians. – We live in a secular country and I am a bit surprised that there is such controversy and outrage. We go to the office to file an official case. We believe or we don't believe, or maybe we believe in something else, so there certainly shouldn't be crosses on the walls in this office – said Monika Rosa (Nowoczesna).

When asked if she thought the campaign time was before elections European parliamentary meetings, it's a good time for this discussion, she said that “there will always be some campaign.” – In a moment there will be a presidential campaign, then in two years there will be another parliamentary campaign and suddenly it will turn out that there is never time for a secular state – added Rosa.

Magdalena Sroka, Monika RosaTVN24

“We gave fuel to PiS again”

Magdalena Sroka (Trzecia Droga, PSL) claims that “the cross is not the problem.” – The problem is primarily politics in the Church. (…) We see that nothing has harmed the Polish Church as much as the policy of Law and Justice. (…) I think that he (the cross – ed.) does not bother anyone, he is in many places, he is in the Polish parliament and this discussion and this language are unnecessary, which today actually causes us to give fuel again PISwho raises this issue during the election campaign – said the PSL MP.

– Every topic we will discuss will be for Jarosław Kaczyński some fuel to divide Poland and Poles. That's not the point, we will do our job, we will not look at Jarosław Kaczyński. Kaczyński has been doing this for years – he takes up a topic that is an ordinary, normal topic in the 21st century in a country that is in the European Union. We cannot be hostages of Jarosław Kaczyński, says Rosa.

Rosa: this spot is really ugly, but unfortunately it's trueTVN24

Spot of the Civic Platform. “This spot is really ugly, but unfortunately it is true”

In the next part of the conversation, the guests referred to the discussion around the Civic Platform commercial. The spot was captioned “Russia's greatest success in Poland is PiS!” It starts with a pile of skulls, then a face Vladimir Putin is shown at a fast pace alternating with a photo of Jarosław Kaczyński. The less than one-minute-long material features the profiles of leading Law and Justice politicians. Some politicians expressed the opinion that the spot is a denial of the call to cool down the mood of public debate in the face of recent events in Slovakiawhere the assassination of Prime Minister Robert Fico took place.

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Magdalena Sroka admitted that she didn't like the spot. Monika Rosa even said that “it's ugly, but maybe the truth is ugly?” – the politician asked KO.

– This spot is really ugly, but unfortunately it is true and we can wait for the moments when we will tell the truth, and the truth, unfortunately, is that PiS is taking us to this point step by step. Russia brought us closer and we cannot close our eyes to it – added the MP.

– Politicians have a huge responsibility – said the PSL MP. She stated that this spot “will primarily mobilize PiS voters.” – As politicians, we should show that there is a different way of conducting politics, that the language in public debate can be different. (…) I think this direction is wrong, that we should show a different style, a different class, a different language. Poles deserve it and I think they expected it after the elections on October 15 – that we will not step into the shoes of Law and Justice and punch each other, said Sroka.

Mikołaj Pawlak left the hearing of the Pegasus commission of inquiry

Mikołaj Pawlak left the hearing of the Pegasus commission of inquiryMichał Tracz/Fakty TVN

Sroka: Pawlak was a key witness

Magdalena Sroka, who is the chairwoman of the Pegasus committee, was also asked about Mikołaj Pawlak, who refused to testify before the committee. – Mr. Pawlak was a key witness because he was the one who prepared the agreement between the Justice Fund and the Central Anticorruption Bureau, so his testimony would be very important – said Sroka.

She said that Pawlak would be summoned for another hearing. – He will be summoned for another date, there is already a request to the District Court in Warsaw to punish him for failing to take the oath and missing the committee meeting. (…) And if he persistently refuses to appear, we will apply for his arrest. And every witness who receives a summons will be treated in the same way, she said.

Main photo source: TVN24

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