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“Clean Air” 2023. Changes from January. Grants and applications

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The “Clean Air” program starts in a new version from Tuesday. In the next edition, income thresholds will be increased, as well as co-financing for the replacement of the heating furnace and thermal modernization. The maximum subsidy will be up to PLN 136,000.

The “Clean Air” program distinguishes future beneficiaries, as well as the amount of subsidy, into three categories – depending on the income of people who are to benefit from the support. The change, which comes into force on Tuesday, increases the thresholds and grant amounts.

“Clean Air” on new terms

The income threshold for basic co-financing increases to PLN 135,000. PLN (from PLN 100,000), and the maximum grant amount will be PLN 66,000. PLN, against 30 thousand. PLN so far. With increased subsidies, the income threshold increases from PLN 1,564 to PLN 1,894 per person in a multi-person household and from PLN 2,189 to PLN 2,651 in a single-person household. The maximum subsidy in this case will increase from PLN 47 to 99 thousand. zloty.

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On the other hand, with the highest level of support, the thresholds increase from PLN 900 to PLN 1,090 in the case of multi-person households and from PLN 1,260 to PLN 1,526 in the case of multi-person households, respectively. The maximum subsidy in this threshold, with the so-called of full thermal modernization increases from 79 to 136 thousand. zloty.

The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management explains that in order to receive funding for comprehensive thermal modernization, an energy audit of a single-family residential building or a dwelling in this building is required. The option from the completed energy audit should also be implemented in full, guaranteeing the achievement of, for example, a reduction in the demand for usable energy by a minimum of 40%, no later than by the date of completion of the project.

The new offer of the program also guarantees additional co-financing of the energy audit of the building up to PLN 1,200, which is an eligible cost, but is not included in the limit of the maximum subsidy amount specified for individual types of projects.

Co-financing in the “Clean Air” program will be granted in relation to net costs, which will allow for the unification of the rules for calculating the amount of the subsidy, regardless of future sources of financing, such as external funds from KPO and FEnIKS.

The new edition of the program provides that beneficiaries who have previously received co-financing for boiler replacement will be able to submit a second application, this time for co-financing of thermo-modernization investments.

Other changes

The Fund also announced that another important change that meets the current market situation is the possibility of obtaining a subsidy for a wood biomass boiler with reduced emission of solid particles ≤ 20 mg/m3. if the building is connected to the gas distribution network. In the next stage, the possibility of co-financing under the program for wood biomass boilers whose emission of solid particles exceeds 20 mg/m3 will be eliminated.

The new “Clean Air” also introduces changes to the banking offer, i.e. Kredyt Clean Air. Such a loan with a subsidy for partial repayment of the loan capital will be available for investments started up to six months before the date of submitting the application to the bank. So far, a loan with a subsidy has been granted for projects started from the date of submission of the application for co-financing at the bank granting the loan.

As reported at the end of 2022, more than 530,000 applications were submitted to the “Clean Air” program. applications for nearly PLN 10 billion in subsidies, and contracts for over PLN 8.3 billion were concluded. Over PLN 4 billion was paid out. The beneficiaries have up to 36 months to settle the investment, hence the difference between the amount indicated in the agreements and the amount of funds paid out. The budget of “Clean Air” is over PLN 100 billion.

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