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Climate change. Extreme heat on four continents. “This is definitely not normal.”

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Heat is currently posing a deadly threat on four continents. On the last day of spring, there were places where it was hotter than in mid-summer. This is a disturbing forecast, especially after last summer was hailed as the hottest in recorded history. In Saudi Arabia, temperatures exceeded 51 degrees Celsius in the shade this week. Several hundred pilgrims died. In India, the monsoon that should have brought respite for a month has still not arrived, and in the United States, even residents of regions where temperatures are usually moderate are receiving heat warnings.

The Minos heatwave, whose name refers to the judge from hell from Dante's “Divine Comedy”, is flooding southern Europe. Up to 43 degrees Celsius can be expected in central and southern Italy. In crowded Rome, 39 degrees were recorded.

“It's definitely not normal to experience this much heat,” said Taylor, a U.S. tourist visiting Italy.

The city tries to make this experience less disturbing for tourists, which is why in many places you can encounter fans with water mist. Such heat is a threat to health and even life. Especially for people who cannot spend the day in the building. Workers – even construction workers – are provided with hourly breaks in a place free from the sun.

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– During the forecasted heatwave, we have implemented special safety measures. First of all, we created areas on the construction site where workers can rest in the shade and cool off, says engineer Luigi Antonio Gargiulo, responsible for safety.

Residents of Serbia are advised not to go outside

The inhabitants of Belgrade have to live in the same heat. They look for refreshment – for themselves and their pets – around water sources. Local services issued a red weather alert, advising people not to go outside at all.

A discussion about climate change has flared up in the country. – I recently listened to a discussion of climatologists who predict that in 2050 the climate here will change so much that we will be able to grow lemons instead of apples – says Vojislav, a resident of Belgrade. – Climate change didn't just happen. They were created as a result of human activity. This whole discussion about green energy and leading an ecological lifestyle is quite painful for civilization. But I'm afraid we'll have to adapt to it or we'll die. We have no other choice, emphasizes Miki, another resident of the Serbian capital.

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There are deaths due to heatwaves in southern Europe. Air from the Mediterranean Sea also reaches PolandKatarzyna Sławińska/Fakty TVN

In neighboring Montenegro, authorities urge people to stay in the shade until late afternoon for the sake of their health.

– Extreme temperatures started on Thursday. You should limit your exposure to the sun until at least 5 p.m., says Dragan, a tourist vacationing in Montenegro. – This heat is a challenge, but at least we are by the water and it is certainly easier here – says Kolya, a tourist vacationing in Montenegro.

Record high temperatures are forecast in the USA

Record temperatures have been forecast in the United States since the beginning of the week. An estimated 80 million people live in areas with extreme heat warnings.

“I eat a lot of ice cream, I shower several times a day and I'm grateful for air conditioning at home,” says Sheila, who lives in Bexley, Ohio. – It's stuffy, hot, hard to stand. But what to do? asks Usher, another Bexley resident.

According to the Associated Press, in 2023, up to 2,300 people died due to high temperatures across the United States, which is the highest result in 45 years.

In India, there is a huge influx of patients with heat-related health problems

On the other side of the globe, several hundred participants of the annual Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia have already lost their lives due to the heat. There, at the peak, thermometers show up to 51 degrees Celsius.

– These people are very determined. Life-threatening weather conditions are often unable to stop them from participating in this pilgrimage. Some Pakistanis do not save for building a house, but for this spiritual experience, says Fahad Saeed, a climatologist from Saudi Arabia.

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It is comparably hot in the capital of India. – Over the last two days, we have seen a huge influx of patients with health problems caused by the heat wave. Of the 22 people, five died of heat stroke. 13 patients are on ventilators and their condition is critical, says Ajay Shukla, a doctor at a hospital in New Delhi.

The hot wave there has been going on since the end of May. This is the longest such hot period in the history of the country.

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