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Climate crisis. German “global upheaval propaganda”? What is this recording

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A recording of a fragment of the weather forecast from German television, which is sent to social media, has millions of reach. Internet users are puzzled by the flames appearing on the screen next to the red map with temperatures. They comment that this was done to reinforce the allegedly false global warming narrative. Did a German station broadcast such a program?

“Tomorrow afternoon 26 to 31 degrees on the water with increments, 18 to 21 degrees on land,” says the presenter standing in front of a video wall with a weather map. This is a map of Germany and neighboring countries, it is dominated by red color. Temperatures shown in Germany oscillate between 26 and 31 degrees, and from the bottom of the screen you can see rising flames. In the background you can hear the crackling of burning wood, as well as alarm sirens. The six-second recording is an excerpt from the weather forecast on the German public broadcaster ARD.

This video was distributed in many countries from August 4 to 6. The posts reached a large reach. “The German weather forecast goes all out in ‘global boiling’ propaganda,” commented the Twitter user who posted the video on August 5. “The media and the weather”; “The media is only at the service of the right propaganda of globalists” – wrote other Internet users. “In Germany, TV screens burn during weather forecasts because Germans don’t pay enough climate taxes,” one English-speaking Twitter user sneered. His post reached a million Internet users, it was liked by 9.7 thousand. users.

The manipulated recording was sent out by users of various platforms, in various languagesTwitter/YouTube/Reddit/TikTok/Bitchute

We also found posts with this recording on YouTube, Reddit, Bitchute, TikTok. They were commented on in English, German and Greek. Many Internet users believed that the weather forecast in ARD is varied with the image of flames to “turn up” the allegedly false message about the progressing global warming.

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However, the flame graphic was not shown on German television.

Original recording of “Don’t panic”

Some tweets with the recording already include contextual information proposed by the Internet community. “This movie has been remade. No flames were shown in the original show,” it read announcement added to one of the popular posts. “The video is fake. Flames were added to the video to convince that there is a lot of panic-mongering” – it comment on another tweet.

The Internet user who added the last quoted comment also published link for the recording of the ARD program on June 8 this year. This is where the fragment used in the remake comes from – it’s in the 35th minute, 12th second. In the original version, there are no flame graphics and no sirens can be heard.

The original video of the ARD weather forecast can be viewed on YouTubeYouTube

“Satire Everywhere You Look”

We entered the frames from the manipulated recording into the Google image search engine. This is not the first time the video has been circulated en masse on the Internet. First fast, which we found, was posted on Twitter on June 10 with the description in German: “Next weather forecast #GlobalWarming.” It was posted by an Internet user who in the account description has: “Satire wherever you look”. Other netizens circulated the video with joking descriptions – for examplethat this is a “proposal” for the authors of the weather forecast.

June 28 Austrian service AFP fact check confirmed that portions of the video had been redone. “The two weather maps with flames are fake. ARD does not use flames in weather images” – a representative of Hessischen Rundfunks, the broadcaster of the program (part of ARD – ed.), told the editors.

Some Internet users criticized the colors of weather maps – in their opinion, the use of red at normal summer temperatures is to strengthen the message about the progressing global warming. The representative of the broadcaster emphasized that in recent years the appearance of weather forecasts in various programs has been unified, but there have been no fundamental changes in the appearance of weather maps. AFP Faktencheck points out that different color scales are used depending on the season. ‘For example, a temperature of five degrees in summer is blue as cold, and in winter as yellow or orange,’ the paper reads.

Who “manipulates the mind”?

Television weather forecasts arouse the emotions of global warming skeptics, according to whom information about the climate crisis is artificially enhanced, for example, by the use of red color on maps. Messages about “marketing tricks” or “mind manipulation” described in Konkret24 in August 2022. Thousands of comments, shares and likes had an illustration sent at that time, which compiled weather maps broadcast on German television in 2017 and 2022. The first one was green, the second – red. In that case, it was also about ARD.

Internet users in many languages ​​commented on both weather maps from AugustTwitter/Facebook

Only that the message of Internet users was misleading, because on the map from 2017 the green color was not associated with the height of temperatures. The presenter announced rains, storms, wind and cooling, standing against the background of an ordinary topographic map showing forests, rivers, seas, etc. The map from 2022, dominated by red, was already the so-called. heat map, i.e. a heat map specially prepared to present the forecast temperature. On such maps, colors are sometimes used to make it easier to distinguish where it will be cold, moderately warm, and hot. The darker the red, the hotter it will be.

As we established then, until 2020 the color on the weather maps presented in the ARD “Tagesthemen” program was not related to the presented temperatures. They weren’t heat maps. We reviewed the archival editions of this German program from 2017 – the spokeswoman’s words were confirmed – then the maps were always green.

Author:Krzysztof Jablonowski

Main photo source: Twitter

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