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Climate crisis. Has it snowed in Saudi Arabia for the first time in 100 years? It’s not true

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Contrary to the information spread on social media, snow is not a very rare phenomenon in Saudi Arabia. Its rainfall in this country is also no proof that there is no global warming.

Snowfall in Tabuk Province in January 2015Reuters

“As a result of climate warming, it snowed in Saudi Arabia for the first time in a hundred years. And what do you not understand?” – He was asking On February 26, Adam Wielomski, a political scientist and columnist, tweeted (original spelling of all posts). He retweeted the video of another netizen. The video shows two camels during heavy snowfall. “Saudi Arabia: snow has fallen for the first time in almost 100 years! Haarp’s help for the New World Order” – this is how the video commented on the Internet user. Wielomski’s tweet was viewed nearly 115,000 times. times, it was liked by 1.4 thousand. people. The recording in the source tweet was viewed 1.8 million times. They were liked by 8.4 thousand. internet users.

Tweet by Adam Wielomski from February 26Twitter

The video with camels was also shared by lawyer and former MP Jacek Wilk. “What will these ketyni-followers of the religion of ecology-climate say now?? ‘It’s the weather, not the climate’???” – he commented. Wilk’s tweet was viewed 33.7 thousand times. times. More than 200 Internet users liked it.

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As we verified, the video being distributed does indeed come from Saudi Arabia. However, it is not new. They were shot in 2021 in the northwestern province of Tabuk. Snowfall is not unusual there. The information about the first snowfall in 100 years is not true.

A region of Saudi Arabia known for its snowfall

The author of the recording given further by Adam Wielomski and Jacek Wilk referred to the New World Order conspiracy theory – a secret global conspiracy of authoritarian eliteswho want to rule the world. She also mentioned the HAARP program, which would contribute to visible snowfall. This is a reference to another conspiracy theory. A thesis recently circulated on the Internet claims that the American HAARP research program would be behind the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. It’s not true. Manipulations around HAARP we recently explained in Konkret24.

The origin of the video with camels is easy to determine with the help of Internet image search engines. The recording is from February 2021. They were disseminating it then Saudi and global media, which described that they were registered in Tabuk province. “The Tabuk region is popular for its snowfall, and the granite bedrock of this mountainous region makes it an ideal winter tourist destination,” reads the English-language article Saudi Khaleej Times of February 18, 2021.

Snowfall in Tabuk in the north-western part of Saudi Arabia in December 2022 was reported by the Reuters Agency, noting that this phenomenon is not unheard of. Tabuk is an area at the foot of the Harrat al-Uwayrid Mountains and winter weather is quite common there. According to Arabnews.com, each year snowfall attracts tourists from all over the Kingdom and from abroad, including Qatar, to Tabuku.

Global warming is a fact

Jacek Wilk suggested that snowfall in Saudi Arabia would compromise the theses of “followers of the religion of ecology-climate”. Adam Wielomski, in turn, wrote: “As a result of climate warming in Saudi Arabia, snow fell for the first time in a hundred years.” This is the constant narrative of climate change skeptics, which is supposed to ridicule the actually progressing increases in the temperature of the earth’s surface and oceans.

Negative temperatures and heavy snowfall in Poland in the first half of December 2022 sparked another wave of discussions in social media that such weather is the best proof that there is no global warming – we described it then in Konkret24. Winter with a lot of snow is a “weather anomaly” – Internet users mocked, for whom frost and snow in December are evidence that undermines the thesis of global warming. However, global warming and climate change are confirmed by temperature measurements and scientific reports. Summer 2021 in Europe was the warmest on record – results from the report published in April 2022 by the EU agency Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S). Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) at the United Nations he stated in a 2021 report that the average temperature on Earth has risen by one degree Celsius compared to the pre-industrial era, and the effects of global warming are already being felt. The report was prepared by 751 scientists from several dozen countries.

Author:Krzysztof Jablonowski

Main photo source: Twitter

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