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Sunday, October 24, 2021

CNN journalist at the former Bagram prison in Afghanistan

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A CNN reporter visited the deserted Bagram military base in Afghanistan that once belonged to the Americans. After the evacuation of international forces, it was taken over by the Taliban. Together with them, the journalist watched, among other things, the prison where prisoners from the Middle East were held.

After the Taliban took power in Afghanistan, they released prisoners – not only from the Taliban. “They want to show us the harsh conditions in which they were held,” says a CNN reporter who visited an abandoned prison at a former US base in Bagram, Afghanistan.


Handcuffs and cages in a deserted prison

The prison is vast and littered, the reporter shows in the material, among other things, abandoned handcuffs, photos and clothes. – Here are the cages. Huge cages. Now empty … And in them abandoned food, plates, clothes, copies of the Koran. And here the prisoners were put in handcuffs – describes the journalist.

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Cages in a deserted prison in BagramCNN

For years, this prison held prisoners from the Middle East who, the Taliban say, were beaten and tortured. The Department of Defense says it punished soldiers who were the perpetrators of the violence. – When I ask the Taliban if they want revenge for it, they reply: “We forced the Americans to leave Afghanistan, this is our revenge.” But another Taliban adds: that doesn’t mean we’ll forget it, reported a CNN reporter.

CNN reporter with the Taliban in a deserted prison in BagramCNN

Main photo source: CNN

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