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Coal has become more expensive by as much as 200 percent, and extraction in Polish mines is declining

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Coal prices for the Polish energy and heating sectors have increased significantly. This was accompanied by record-breaking imports, writes Rzeczpospolita on Monday. The domestic mining industry is not keeping up with the dynamics of prices and changes in demand.

According to Monday’s “Rzeczpospolita”, based on data from the Industrial Development Agency, despite the increase in coal prices by 100 percent. in the case of energy (PLN 535.13 per tonne at the end of December 2022) and 200 percent. for the heating sector (PLN 1,193.24 per ton), its extraction in Polish mines is declining.

At the same time, imports andThe Polish mining industry is not keeping up with the market dynamics of prices and changes in demand” we can read in the newspaper, which refers to the data of the Ministry of Climate and Environment from December 2022. They show that about 19.4 million tons of coal were imported to Poland last year. The Ministry of State Assets adds that 15.7 million tons of thermal coal.

Polish heating plants were based on imported coal

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Jerzy Markowski, former deputy minister of industry and trade responsible for mining, in an interview with the newspaper “explains that in 2022, imported raw material was purchased at a price of USD 350-380 per ton.”

“Everyone who could, imported the raw material. In 2022, we imported over a dozen million tons of steam coal, which cost us PLN 20 billion. As a result, we have large amounts of expensive coal, which no one wants to buy at the 2022 price. So we’re selling it a little cheaper, but still at a much higher price than it is today. Heating plants relied to a greater extent on imported coal, hence such a large increase for this type of plant – explains Markowski.

“Rzeczpospolita” notes that the data of the Ministry of State Assets “seem to confirm this thesis”. This is because as much as 49.1 percent. of imported steam coal “went to the needs of the professional power industry (CHP plants) and industrial, and 11.2 percent to commercial and non-professional heating plants”.

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