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Coal prices – the maximum price of coal. President Andrzej Duda signed the act

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President Andrzej Duda signed the act on the maximum price of coal. The regulations provide for the maximum price of one ton of coal for individual customers, communities and housing cooperatives in the amount of PLN 996.60.

It is an act on special solutions aimed at protecting consumers of certain solid fuels. The regulations stipulate that the maximum price per one ton of coal sold to households (or to housing communities and cooperatives in the case of coal-heated multi-unit buildings) will not exceed PLN 996.60. This is the maximum price, which means that the offered coal may be cheaper.

One household will be able to buy a maximum of 3 tons of coal at this price.

Most of the provisions of the act are to enter into force after 14 days from the date of publication in the Journal of Laws.

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Compensation for entrepreneurs

The act provides for a compensation for entrepreneurs in the amount not exceeding PLN 1,073.13 gross for the sale of one ton of solid fuel sold to one household. Compensation will not be due directly to buyers, but to entrepreneurs who will sell coal to households. “The condition for granting the compensation will be the sale to consumers (…) of fuels at a gross price not exceeding PLN 996.60 per ton” – she explained Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland.

The executing entrepreneurs will be entitled to obtain compensation economic activity with regard to the marketing of fuels entered in the Central Register of Excise Entities.

When purchasing coal at a preferential price, the seller will have to be informed about the amount of coal that the household has purchased from the effective date of the act. A declaration on heat sources or fuel combustion sources or a copy of the declaration on heat sources or fuel combustion sources will also be required. It is about reporting these sources to the Central Emission Register of Buildings (CEEB).

Compensation will be paid at the seller’s request from the Price Difference Payment Fund, to which additional funds from the COVID-19 Counteracting Fund will be transferred. The State Treasury will be able to allocate a maximum of PLN 3 billion for additional payments.

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