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Coal shortages in Poland. The Governmental Agency for Strategic Reserves contracts coal from outside Poland – the Left controls

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Left-wing MPs tried to conduct a parliamentary scrutiny at the Government’s Strategic Reserves Agency on Wednesday to find out what the protection of coal resources looks like. As they said, they did not get any reply because they were informed that the holiday season was in progress and that, among other things, the president of the Agency was absent. Since July 11, the Governmental Agency for Strategic Reserves has been contracting coal, supplementing the activities of state-owned companies, it was announced on Twitter.

– Please imagine we have the end of July, we do not have coal in Poland, the president of this agency is on vacation, the chief accountant is on vacation, and the financial director is on vacation – said MP Tomasz Trela ​​during a press conference in front of the seat of the Government Strategic Reserves Agency.

Left Control in a government agency

He added that RARS employees, who were found by MPs during the inspection, were not able to check or confirm within an hour whether PLN 3 billion, which is to be allocated to subsidies for the purchase of coal, was transferred to the RARS account. The deputy added that none of the employees had confirmed whether coal was in the agency’s warehouses.

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Trela ​​also referred to the bill on the carbon allowance in the amount of PLN 3,000. PLN for families who heat their houses with coal. On Wednesday, the Sejm dealt with the project. The project provides, inter alia, According to the Lewica MP, an allowance in the amount of 3 thousand. PLN is “an addition to what is simply not there. And today we confirmed it at this meeting” – he added.

– In order not to provide basic information during this difficult holiday time, not to work on Polish women and Poles to smoke in September, October and November, you just need to have an ID card PiS Trela ​​said.

Arkadiusz Iwaniak, MP, assessed that the inspection showed that “there is no coal, there will be no coal, and there will be an energy crisis”.

In search of coal

As RARS said on Wednesday on Twitter, “Left MPs have put forward a series of questions about the carbon reserves and the Agency’s current financial situation.” As reported, the representatives of RARS informed the deputies that since July 11 – that is, from the moment of submitting the application by the Ministry of Climate – the Agency has been carrying out coal contractions, complementing the activities of State Treasury companies.

“The remaining information, due to its classified nature, will be provided to parliamentarians within seven days in a closed letter,” RARS informed.

Minister of Climate and Environment Anna Moscow informed on Tuesday that so far over 3 million tons of coal have been delivered to Polish ports. It flows to the country, among others With ColombiaTanzania, USA, South Africa, Australia and Indonesia. She added that State Treasury companies have contracted over 7 million tons of coal. She pointed out that at the same time the import was carried out by private companies.

Coal narrative change

Konkret24 journalists analyzed the change in the government’s narrative regarding the availability of coal. Today, government representatives emphasize that the cause of the problems with coal is Russian aggression against Ukraine and sanctions – and on December 22, 2021, the Minister of State Assets Jacek Sasin appointed a crisis team to monitor threats in the electricity and gas sectors. The biznesalert.pl portal then announced that “the team will investigate the cause of insufficient coal stocks”. It was mainly about insufficient stocks at power plants, which forced them to temporarily shut down their power units. The increase in economic activity, the loosening of pandemic restrictions and the cold December weather were cited as potential reasons.

On July 18, Morawiecki, when asked during his visit to Żywiec whether it was not too late, ordered the State Treasury companies to urgently import additional raw material to Poland (he did it in mid-July), replied: “Within the Council of Ministers, we have already talked about the necessity to collect coal . Only, of course, this process must go on. “

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Main photo source: @poselTTrela, Twitter

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