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Coalition agreement between PiS and the Republican Party. Michał Wypij and Tomasz Trela ​​comment

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Each of us was tempted and had such a proposal presented on Wednesday in “Fakty po Faktach” by independent MP Michał Wypij, commenting on the disclosure of the content of the coalition agreement between PiS and the Republican Party. – This is an agreement on theft and cunning plus – said Tomasz Trela ​​from Nowa Lewica.

The tvn24.pl portal has accessed the provisions of the coalition agreement between Law and Justice and the Republican Partywhich was concluded in October 2021. The parliamentary majority was then hanging by a thread after the deputy prime minister was expelled from the government in August 2021 Jaroslaw Gowin.

The vast majority of the 32 points relate to the distribution of power: places on lists, positions in the government and in publicly funded institutions. Only one applies to the program in general terms.

It was thanks to the provisions of the agreement that the Republicans took over supervision of the National Center for Research and Development, which until then had been subordinated to the Minister of Education and Science, Przemysław Czarnek. According to informants tvn24.pl w PISdue to scandals at the National Center for Research and Development some of the provisions of this agreement no longer apply.

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Drink up: we’ve all been tempted TVN24

Drink up: this is the invoice for treason

– Each of us was tempted and had such a proposal presented, a large part of them behaved in a responsible and honorable way and I thank them for that, and you can read the motivation of some people in this agreement – ​​said independent MP Michał Wypij in “Fakty po Faktach” who in February 2023 left the Agreement with a group of activists.

The deputy said that he would like to “stop this bad practice and spoiling the country”, and judge those responsible for “political destabilization of our country, spoiling standards so harshly that no one else would come up with ideas to trade Poland in order to buy most of it.

– I know that there were many such offers, they were very generous. They insulted the honor of every honest parliamentarian, I was not interested in that. Today, reading this agreement, I learn about the true motivations of those who were then willing to sacrifice the interests of the Republic of Poland, just to get enough and milk as much as possible – said Wypij.

In his opinion, the coalition agreement between PiS and the party Adam Bielan it’s a “treason bill”. – There is no word about the idea, there is no word about what should unite and be the essence of politics, the answer to the question: why am I there, what ideas are important to me, what I would like to change and how to serve my own country. There is only an attempt to milk the Polish state – said the MP. In his opinion, this “shows the scale of the fall of this team, which has gone very far from the ideals and what they had in common at the beginning.”

Trela: this is a contract for theft and cunning plus

Trela: this is a contract for theft and cunning plusTVN24

Trela: this is a contract for theft and cunning plus

In the opinion of Tomasz Trela ​​from Nowa Lewica, “this is a deal about theft and cunning plus”. – A dozen or so colleagues joined together, who shared the loot and decided to take ownership of public property, some decided to extort some real estate, a villa, an apartment, and others try to extort money from public institutions – said the MP.

As he added, politicians from PiS and the Republican Party “only have one thing in common”. – With these agreements, this theft and this cunning, they buy votes at every sitting of the Sejm – he stated. He expressed hope that Poles would hold PiS accountable for this in the next election.

– Our role, those who want to take over power, is to settle all those who want to enfranchise themselves on public property – said Trela. He assured that “all those who extract public money illegally” will be held accountable. We will take their money and property. We will annul contracts if there are reasons to do so and take back these assets for the benefit of the State Treasury, he announced.

In his opinion, “this government will be knocked down by two things: high prices and theft”. – This is not robbing the state, it is robbing every Polish taxpayer who pays horrendous taxes in this country – announced Trela.

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