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Coalition talks among the opposition “in the final stage”. PiS is waiting for the president to appoint the prime minister

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Urszula Pasławska (PSL) and Anna Zalewska (PiS) were guests of “Tak jest” by Grzegorz Morozowski. They answered questions about the stage of coalition talks in their parties. – We hope that this is the final stage – said the vice-president of PSL. The PiS MEP said that politicians were waiting for Andrzej Duda’s decision. – Everything will start from the moment when the candidate for prime minister is chosen – she said. Politicians were also asked about Rainbow Friday and the attitude of the Ombudsman for Children.

Morozowski asked the MPs what stage the coalition talks were at in their parties. – I hope that this is the final stage, that by the thirteenth (November – ed.) we will have made all the substantive arrangements and will be ready to take over power from Law and Justice – said Urszula Pasławska from PSL.

When asked about her attitude to the idea of ​​rotating the position of Speaker of the Sejm, she replied that “stable governance and functions are needed.” – I believe that in difficult times we need stable governments and functions. Today we are talking about the (rotating – ed.) Speaker of the Sejm, tomorrow we can talk about the Speaker of the Senate, and the day after tomorrow we can talk about the rotating Prime Minister. It seems to me that it would be more prudent to make an agreement for at least four years, but no one is closing the door here and ultimately all leaders will have to confirm a given solution, she said.

PiS is suspending coalition talks until the president’s decision

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Anna Zalewska, MEP PISsaid that politicians are waiting for the president’s decision.

– The president operates within his constitutional framework and statutory deadlines. We are waiting to see what decision he will make and who he will present as a candidate for prime minister. Then we will talk about conversations and the search for the majority. I would like to emphasize that the president mentioned two serious candidates: o Mateusz Morawiecki and Donald Tusk. It will all start from the moment when the candidate for prime minister is chosen, admitted Zalewska.

Zalewska: we are watching what will come out of these coalition talks

She also referred to advanced coalition talks on the side of the democratic opposition.

– The media are surprised every day by various statements that show a lack of consensus or a common idea. You can also see calculations of how much all these promises would cost (…) We hear that the strategic ministry – the Ministry of Health – is currently vacant because everyone is afraid of this ministry. We know that PSL has a problem, it is afraid of the progressive Left, the green Civic Coalition and what is going to happen in the European Union. This makes us all watch with interest what will come out of these coalition talks, because the discrepancies are large, said the MEP.

Do PiS MPs join PSL?

The editor asked Urszula Pasławska whether PiS politicians are willing to “sign up” to PSL. – The decomposition of the right side of the political scene is inevitable. Today we have signals from Law and Justice MPs, but this decomposition will certainly continue, said the vice-president of PSL.

– I think that the president will surprise the United Right as he surprised, for example, lex TVN and will indicate a different candidate for prime minister (than Morawiecki – ed.). This is visible in the decisions and words of the president’s circle, which show independence towards Nowogrodzka. I’m not only thinking about you here Mastalerkubut yesterday the minister gave Błaszczak a shot Siewiera. It is an open secret that Minister Mucha – a former minister in the Chancellery of the President, and today a member of the management board at the National Bank of Poland, formally draws attention to President Glapiński’s lack of management capabilities – she enumerated.

Urszula PasławskaTVN24

Pasławska: we have signals that Morawiecki will not be the candidate for prime minister

– Therefore, we have signals that Morawiecki will not be the candidate for prime minister. Moreover, the president did not ask Law and Justice to present a coalition, because he knows that such a possibility is not possible. He turned to us and we will present it, Pasławska said.

“We won, but we don’t have an independent majority”

Morozowski asked the PiS MEP what could have contributed to her “disappearance from public space” Jarosław Kaczyński.

– Everything is fine. You know well that we also have to draw conclusions. Some decisions are already being made. Because we won, but we do not have an independent majority. Therefore, we are actually trying to gain this majority. He (Kaczyński – ed.) is absolutely busy analyzing, wondering what will happen next week, next month. He also wonders what will happen in three months, because that’s when they will be there elections local government and in eight months, when there will be elections to the European Parliament – said Zalewska.

Anna ZalewskaTVN24

Pasławska: the curator is faithful to her ideological beliefs

This year, 115 schools across the country joined the Rainbow Friday campaign. According to the GrowSPACE foundation, this is much more than in previous years. Pomeranian schools that organized Rainbow Friday received letters from the school board. Pomeranian education superintendent Małgorzata Bielang demands urgent explanations from the directors of the institutions in this matter. Morozowski asked what the members of parliament thought about this decision of the school board.

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– I think that the curator is true to herself and her ideological beliefs, which she translates to children and young people. He has been doing this from the very beginning of his career. Polish schools should be free from such pressures. School principals should be independent, and school boards should not have the same powers as they have today. Today, Polish schools need to be rearranged from scratch, says Pasławska.

Pasławska: Polish schools should be free from pressureTVN24

Anna Zalewska, former Minister of Education, said that “the most important thing is that every student feels good and safe at school.” – I made sure that the curators were officials, and it seems that they fulfilled that obligation. They did an excellent job (…). The most important thing for us was that every student felt good and safe at school. Of course, the school principal is directly responsible for this, because he is the one who organizes the school, she said.

– Is the rainbow student supposed to feel good too? – the editor asked. “Everyone,” she replied. She also admitted that she “doesn’t know the curator’s comments.”

– I hope that in schools where this type of meetings (with associations – ed.) or Rainbow Fridays are organized, there is no situation in which any child is discriminated against – added Zalewska.

“I have a dream that Polish children would have a real Ombudsman for Children”

The interviewer also asked to respond to the words of Mikołaj Pawlak, the current Ombudsman for Children, who in his column in the Catholic weekly “Niedziela” wrote about “pseudo-rainbow rags” that are to be hung instead of crosses. This would lead to “generations without principles”.

– I hope and dream that Polish children will have a real Ombudsman for Children as soon as possible. I have not been able to find any good offer for this position in recent years. This is another PiS politician who focused on ideology and struggle, and did not build understanding around children’s rights – claims Pasławska.

Zalewska: Stories about school ideologization are absurd

– Every person deserves respect, especially children and young people. Because we are responsible for them. I see school as a free school in which every child, every young person must feel absolutely safe and I believe that this is the case (…) Stories about the ideologization of the school are absurd and impossible to implement, because it would be loud about it. No one from the opposition who talks about such events at school can present places or events, said Zalewska.

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